Glass tucks into The Vurger Co’s latest creation, the Big Mex Vurger

FROM humble beginnings selling burgers on a Tottenham market stall, The Vurger Co’s whirlwind two-year journey has seen the company break into the vegan fast food market and open two successful London restaurants.

vurger&coAll four Vurgers available at the restaurant. Courtesy of: The Vurger Co.

Free cucumber water refills, cacti and compostable packaging are things you wouldn’t usually associate with your average burger and fries but it’s what you can expect in The Vurger Co’s flagship in Shoreditch. It’s a modern and vibrant space that offers a unique 100 per cent plant-based, fast food experience.

vurger&coExterior of the Shoreditch flagship. Photograph: The Vurger Co.

vurger&coInterior of the Shoreditch flagship. Photograph: The Vurger Co.

I headed down, excited to try the new Big Mex burger; the latest collaboration from Executive Chef Gaz Oakley – a professional chef turned author and vegan influencer with over half a million YouTube subscribers. His fourth creation did not disappoint. The Big Mex is different to any burger I have eaten before; a chipotle corn fritter patty topped with fresh pickled salsa, crispy hot jackfruit chicharrones and lashings of spicy cheesy house made queso sauce. Despite it being a messy affair (a napkin is recommended), the interesting combination of delicious flavours and textures left my taste buds tingling and eager to return for round two.

I later found out that this new addition to the menu was to mark the first anniversary of The Vurger Co’s first brick and mortar restaurant in Shoreditch. A commendable feat considering they initially traded as a market stall and were only able to open their permanent site after a successful crowdfunding campaign, which raised 300 thousand pounds in just 77 hours. With masses of support, The Vurger Co takes pride in a positive approach to vegan food, celebrating vegetables with fresh but indulgent recipes based around three core burgers and a limited edition special. These limited edition burgers heighten The Vurger Co’s appeal. By experimenting with new flavours and ingredients, The Vurger Co not only remains ahead of the market but also becomes a hot spot for all foodies with an appetite for trying and learning about something new.

vurger&coThe Auburger with sweet potato fries. Photograph: The Vurger Co.

vurger&coThe Classic with “skin on fries”. Photograph: The Vurger Co.

A refreshing alternative to mock meat burgers, The Vurger Co’s menu stays true to their ethos of “making vegetables sexy again”. Staples such as The Classic and The Auburger transform regular pulses and veggies into guilt-free fast food; soul-satisfying without the sluggish aftermath. Also on the menu and a highlight of my meal were the milkshakes; think creamy banana and caramel, Lotus Biscoff or chocolate and hazelnut topped with a hefty serving of vegan-whipped cream, delightful. You can even turn them into tipsy shakes for an extra £2. The milkshakes are so popular, that The Vurger Co recently teamed up with artisan vegan candle maker, OHROS, to create a series of limited edition milkshake-scented candles based on their bestselling flavours.

vurger&coStrawberry and Oreo milkshakes. Courtesy of: Photograph: The Vurger Co.

It is amazing that The Vurger Co have ditched plastic packaging for compostable alternatives. To keep in line with their environmental values, it would be great to see them provide reusable cups for customers dining in – to reduce avoidable waste as they continue to grow as a business. After an impressive and exciting year, I am looking forward to seeing what is next to come from The Vurger Co!

by Sally Roulston

The Vurger Co

Shoreditch Vurger Co.: 9, Avant Garde, Cygnet Street, London E1 6LD
Canary Wharf Vurger Co.: The Wharf Kitchen Lower Mall, 2 Jubilee Place, London E14 5NY