Glass unwinds at the newly renovated Buergenstock resort, Lake Lucerne

PERCHING on top of the Buergenberg mountain with a phenomenal, unique vista over Lake Lucerne, the  Buergenstock Resort has just been reopened. The resort has a rich history – it originally opened in the late 19th century and attracted Hollywood’s biggest stars, including Audrey Hepburn and Sophia Loren, in the mid-20th century. The resort’s panorama over Lake Lucerne and the amazing history associated with the location was the inspiration behind the MKV Design’s renovation of the resort.

Buergenstock resort Exterior of Buergenstock hotel. Photograph: Robert Miller. © Bürgenstock Hotels AG

The renovated Buergenstock resort encompasses four hotels – the Buergenstock hotel, The Palace Hotel, The Waldhotel and the Taverne 1879 – as well as a collection of large, luxurious apartments. MKV Designs have also extended and updated the resort’s alpine spa. The Buergenstock hotel is where guests arrive into the resort via a funicular railway. The funicular was a feature of the original resort — it has been updated and restored as part of MKV Design’s project.

Getting the funicular up to the resort, after cruising across Lake Lucerne, added a genuinely unique aspect from the average airport-hotel transfer slog. Unfortunately when we took the funicular the resort was engrossed by a sea of fog, but after seeing the views from the hotel at top of the mountain once the fog had cleared, it is easy to imagine quite how stunning the views would be as you ascend in the funicular.

The Buergenstock resortBuergenstock’s Funicular railway. Photograph: Robert Miller. © Bürgenstock Hotels AG

In keeping with the designers’ desire to emphasise the unique surroundings of the Buergenstock resort, local stone and wood were used in the construction of hotel and every guest room and public area has enormous, full length triple glazed windows. As soon as you walk into your room the view is the first thing that strikes you – having that scenery really makes the display of artwork unnecessary. I thought that the the inclusion of a window seat into the room design was ingenious. It was delightful to laze there getting cosy with such a gorgeous scene to accompany you.

Buergenstock resortBuergenstock hotel, deluxe lakeview room. Photograph: Robert Miller. © Bürgenstock Hotels AG

For me, the most outstanding feature of the guest rooms in the Buergenstock hotel is the bath, which, like the main bedroom area itself, has a full length window looking out over Lake Lucerne. My immediate reaction to realising my bathroom had a full-length window was self-consciousness – how was I supposed to relax in the bath when I am so exposed as the huge window has no curtains? However, due to the design of the hotel, all of the rooms face out towards the Lake and thus do not overlook any other rooms. This means the bathing experience at the Buergenstock is not only unique but the most relaxing I have ever experienced.

Buergenstock resort Buergenstock hotel, deluxe lakeview room bathtub.
Photograph: Robert Miller. © Bürgenstock Hotels AG

The Palace Hotel, which had to retain its original façade and the columns in the ballroom due to being a listed building, shares the Buergenstock lobby. The corridor that links them documents the history of the resort in both English and Swiss German featuring original photographs, advertising posters, as well as furniture from the hotel’s storerooms. To continue the homage to the history of the resort, the wallpaper in the corridors of the Palace hotel have been designed based on newspaper cuttings and early photographs of the resort —  a lovely touch. All of the guests rooms in the Palace hotel have been modernised and redesigned and feature a balcony with either a mountain or a lake view.

Buergenstock resort Palace hotel exterior. Photograph: Robert Miller. © Bürgenstock Hotels AG

Buergenstock resortSuperior mountain-view room of The Palace Hotel. Photograph: Robert Miller.
© Bürgenstock Hotels AG

During our trip, we were treated to incredible food at the resort’s restaurants. My favourite in terms of both design and cuisine was the Ritzcoffier restaurant. The restaurant hosts a breakfast buffet with pastries, bread, cereals and some hot food on the original 19th-century stove from the hotel’s kitchen, as well as cooking fresh eggs and making fresh coffee.

The Buergenstock ResortRitzcoffier restaurant at The Palace Hotel. Photograph: Robert Miller. © Bürgenstock Hotels AG

The Buergenstock resort is stunning yet understated due to the focus on the unique scenery towards the Swiss Alps and across Lake Lucerne. The amazing service offered by all of the staff completes the serene feel of Buergenstock.

by Allie Nawrat 

The Buergenstock resort, CH-6363 Obbürgen, Switzerland

Room rates at the Buergenstock resort begin at £450 and can be booked here

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