Gucci launches No Space, Just a Place in Seoul

GUCCI is paying homage to the diverse contemporary art landscape in Seoul, by engaging with a multi-layer exhibition, bringing visibility to the city’s alternative art spaces.

The exhibition, curated by Myriam Ben Salah, is inspired by Alessandro Michele’s meditations on society. Discussion points include gender, landscape, self-expression and a further peer into anthropological manifestos, all of which provide the backdrop for independent and non-conformist art spaces, known as the ‘other spaces’ which Gucci’s exhibition aims to curate.

From the late 1990s, projects have been springing up in spaces that do not ascribe to the typical sterile art gallery-esque locations, and instead have been housed in venues from warehouses to lofts. This exhibition ties together many disparate strands, through inviting a selection of this artistic spaces to contribute to a showcase at the Daelim Museum, spread across three floors.


The exhibition poster, sponsored by Gucci

Each space is autonomous, and will present a project that has been curated by its own team, and can include multiple projects by artists that the team support. The theme that runs through this exhibition is serving the idea of alternative spaces as a type of utopia, where we can explore our understanding of otherness.

Additionally, a selection of local and international artists will exhibit their works, in the form of immersive installations inspired by the near future or by fantastic mythologies, which draws a clear parallel with the eclectic and singular vision that Gucci singularly focusses on.

by Simone Williams 

No Space, Just a Place runs from 12 March until  June 15, 2020, at the Daelim Museum in Seoul.

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