Glass gets a first class experience at Ritz Carlton Fukuoka, Tokyo

LOCATED within the Fukuoka Daimyo Garden City complex in the central ward of Tenjin, Tokyo, The Ritz-Carlton is one of Kyushu’s newest luxury getaway locations.

Keen to discover the impressive addition to the area, the hotel boasts 147 rooms and 20 suites, all carefully designed by Layan Architects + Designers of Melbourne, Australia. 

The Ritz-Carlton

Upon entering The Ritz-Carlton, its interior was the first thing I noticed. Blending refined contemporary luxury with the art Hakata-ori – a traditional Japanese textile which has been produced in the Fukuoka prefecture for over 700 years – the surrounding cultural history became a staple woven throughout the establishment. 

From the walls using historic textiles to the lighting fixtures that emulated specialised weaving machines, the beauty of craftsmanship is at the core of The Ritz-Carlton. However, it doesn’t stop there. 

Club Lounge dining room

The culinary offerings encapsulate the same desire to bring the outside in. Offering both Western and Japanese cuisine across four restaurants and two bars, my favourite was Genju. Centred around bringing the three finest traditions in Japanese cuisine – kaiseki, sushi, and teppanyaki – to our plates, seafood and meat were elevated across numerous courses served on Arita porcelain. 

Library Lounge

Whether you’re more of a foodie and hope to centre your visit around trying delicacies or prefer more of a cultural endeavour with visits to museums, The Ritz-Carlton brings the richness of Japan to each guest. 

by Sophie Richardson 

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