Haute Couture SS19: Giorgio Armani

CONSIDERING the Godfather of Italian fashion Giorgio Armani’s avid appreciation for the arts, opening his fashion art museum Armani/Silos in 2015, it isn’t surprising the Armani Haute Couture Spring collection takes inspiration from one of the most exuberant and glamorous periods of art.

Art Decos influence is everywhere in the collection. The art period’s intrinsic style is particularly present through Armani’s incorporation of embellishments, geometric shapes, and, the true show-stopper of the collection, the tiny 1920s style hats. Alongside these hats, the collection also includes Flapper-inspired beaded cap head pieces, invoking the truly over the top glamour and extravagance of the Jazz Age.

The Art Deco period was heavily influenced by the styles of China, Japan and India, and Armani makes sure to highlight this, introducing kimonos, satin and floral East Asian prints into the collection. The colour palette of the collection also pays homage to Asian fashion, using electric blues, blacks and reds throughout. These colours are also reminiscent of the style of Les Fauves, another signifiant influence on the Art Deco movement.

The Couture collection also stands out through its wearability. Although coloured with Art Deco opulence and glamour, the designs hold a distinctive subdued chic and sophistication which makes the pieces very wearable. Incorporating the glitz without invoking gaudiness, Armani succeeds in creating a Couture collection which is glamorous, not garish.

The fine details are also a quintessential part of the Armani couture collection. With elaborate embellishments, sequins and crystals, and intricate prints and patterns, Armani takes a step away from the more simple and understated designs from last year’s couture collection.

Although there was many singularly stunning looks in the collection, the most dazzling had to be a blue and red frilled chiffon gown, complete with miniature 1920s hat. Bold, vividly coloured, and extravagant, the dress incorporated everything Art Deco, and elicited all the dreamy sophistication and brilliant allure of the Jazz Age.

by Emma Hart

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