Hermès Beauty unveil latest collection – Le Regard Hermès

HERMÈS BEAUTY which launched in 2020, has unveiled their latest addition titled Le Regard Hermès.

The beauty line focuses on objects, materials, textures, techniques and ethical affairs and their latest range hones into these themes with a focus on technical know-how and mastery of shades, textures and techniques.

Le Regard Hermès gives the beauty ritual a purpose with its encouragement to look at ourselves with a sense of kindness. This make-up collection for the eyes prompts the expression of emotion with shadows and highlights that can brighten or soften the gaze.

Ombres d’Hermès

The first product of the range is Ombres d’Hermès, which includes six colour palettes consisting of four silk powder eyeshadows. The pigments display shades in varying natural and bright hues, showcasing some of the house’s most legendary colours.

The palette pan designs are refillable and look luxurious and refined, dreamt up by Pierre Hardy — creative director for Hermès shoes and jewellery and designer of objects for Hermès. Each piece hones into a colour theme with shades of pinks, greens, oranges, blues and browns.

Ombres d’Hermès

Ombres d’Hermès

The Trait d’Hermès Mascara exhibits Hermès’ approach to their bold use of colour, with the product coming in six shades of black, blue, green, red, brown and purple.

The mascara gives a thick and full look to the lashes with a clump-free result and has a quick-drying formula. The packaging is slender and refined with a white lacquered metal casing adorned with a gold-coloured metal ring on the cap.

Trait d’Hermès Mascara

The four new brushes titled Les Pinceaux Hermès are made in France and are too, designed by Pierre Hardy. The tool’s design supports easy application and the pieces are made to accompany each beauty step to create the perfect eye look.

The La brosse separates and neatens brows and lashes in preparation for the product application, and the L’ombreur is used to apply pigment to the eye with its capability to layer and achieve various intensities. The L’estompeur is a blending brush used to soften an eye look, while the Le traceur can be used to create a neat line along the lashes.

by Nicole Pereira

Ombres d’Hermès retails for RRP £90, Refills £59

Trait d’Hermès Mascara retails for RRP £56 

Les Pinceaux Hermès retails for RRP £63 – £72