Hermès launch new Hermessence – Oud Alezan

THE SAUT HERMÈS – the annual show jumping event – has long-inspired many aspiring sportsmen and athletes.

However, it has never inspired a fragrance or scent – until now. Hermès perfumer Christine Nagel went to the prestigious event a few years ago in order to overcome her fear of horses. Upon attending, her fear vanished as she became accustomed to the warmth and soft nature of the gentle giants.

Hermessence – Oud Alezan

Today, Hermès have unveiled a new Hermessence which aims to capture the emotions felt by the perfumer during her initial encounter.

Titled Oud Alezan, the new scent blends oud with natural rose hydrosol and a rose oxide to create a sensual, divine fragrance, which envelopes its wearer in a luxurious sensory masterpiece.

Delicately encased in a plum-brown-lacquered bottle, Hermès’ packaging references the relationship between the chesnut colour of the horse’s coat and the Hermessence’s delicate rose. Additionally, the cap is formed from a sandy soft leather and features an engraving of the Hermès Paris signature on a saddle nail.

Perfect for everyday use, Oud Alezan’s harmonious, warm notes are certain to create further buzz and excitement in anticipation of this year’s Saut Hermès.

by Sophie Richardson

The new fragrance is now available to buy at www.hermes.com.