Hublot x Depeche Mode 55-watch collection dropped

ROCK around the clock – quite literally. Depeche Mode are creating a new wave of mode by teaming up with Italian luxury watchmakers Hublot for an impressive limited-edition collection. Composed of 55 unique watches using the Hublot Big Bang design as a foundation , each wrist-piece will be inspired by a single released by the band across their 37-year career.

All funds from the watches will go to charity: water, a non-profit charity organisation “whose mission is to bring clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries worldwide”.

411.CX.1114.VR-27-Precious.DPM18-SD-HR-WHublot x Depeche Mode Precious Big Bang Watch

Announced last week at the Hublot boutique in Milan, each watch features a disc on its dial that partially shows the record cover it represents. The full cover decorates the back of the watch joined by the charity’s water logo. The accessory is finished off with a strap, which relates to the album art, along with rock n’-roll inspired studs.

411.CX.1154.VR.DPM18-SD-HR-B_A4Three of the Hublot x Depeche Mode collection

by Joseph Furness

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