Introducing Charles Goode

As a child, Charles Goode would accompany his father around the world, as he collected and traded gems, antiques and objects d’art from auctions and markets. Now, the third generation Charles launches a fine jewellery line of his own.

Goode sees jewellery, as any fine designer should, as a personal and wearable work of art. As a private jeweller, he boasts a prestigious client list, with royalty and celebrities (Goode designed Kate Moss’s wedding ring,) sitting alongside connoisseurs and collectors.

Goode’s debut collection takes inspiration from the Adinkra symbols of the Akans, which historically express evocative messages and convey traditional wisdoms. The Hope collection is simplistic and elegant, encompassing solid silver, rose gold, 18ct gold and white VS diamonds.

The collection is launched in collaboration with Charles Macharia, the founder of The Mash Foundation Trust – a charity focused on providing monetary aid and social help to underprivileged c hildren across Africa.Through the Mash Foundation, every piece of the Hope collection will provide academic and social support to vulnerable children in Africa.


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