Is it possible to drink your way to beauty? Glass reviews Pure Gold Collagen

CAN we drink our way to beauty? It’s certainly possible to drink away our beauty, and a few rueful mornings-after in the party season might have led us to fear that we had. But can one 50ml liquid supplement work from within to restore our skin’s collagen, bringing radiance and firmness to a tired face? The success of Pure Gold Collagen – a staple on the shelves of pharmacies and online retailers nationwide – suggests that many of us believe we can.

Collagen with fruit being thrown in air

Pure Collagen Gold

The principle ingredient of this patented, peer-reviewed skincare supplement is Hydrolysed Collagen. Our bodies create collagen throughout our lives, but as we age, the rate of collagen production declines, as does the quality of what is produced. The hydrolysed collagen in Pure Gold Collagen is absorbed quickly in the small intestine, and the collagen peptides can then travel via the bloodstream to the deeper layer of our skin to stimulate the fibroblast cells which create new collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid – the three elements that give our skin strength and resilience. Pure Gold Collagen also contains Hyaluronic Acid, Biotin, Borage Oil, Zinc, Copper and Vitamins B6, C and E: a potent beauty cocktail that would also benefit hair and nails. Glass asked two writers, of different ages, to put Pure Gold Collagen to the test.

At first glance the bottle seems quite large for a beauty supplement (50ml is rather intimidating to an amateur). However, I was pleasantly surprised by the tasty peach and passion fruit flavour and actually enjoyed taking the daily doses. After a week of taking Pure Gold Collagen, I began to notice subtle improvements. Having recently bleached the ends of my hair I had started to see some breakage and dry patches, but shortly after beginning the trial the condition started to restore. My hair felt thicker and shinier and I noticed fewer strands breaking off after brushing.

Model drinking Gold CollagenSampling Pure Collagen Gold

Pure Gold Collagen has been sold as an anti-ageing product but I found that it could be beneficial to multiple age groups because of its hydrating properties. At 21, with normal to dry skin, age prevention has not been an issue. Roughly three weeks after drinking the beauty supplement, the skin on my face had noticeably brightened and become a lot softer. My forehead, that had previously been dry and prone to allergic reactions, became smoother and less irritable. Although I do not have wrinkles just yet, I did notice the very fine lines around my mouth (only visible when I don’t drink enough water) had disappeared towards the end of the month.
Emma Walsh, Glass Fashion Writer


Gold Collagen box

Pure Gold Collagen

Remembering to take supplements is always an issue for me, but after just a few days of trying Pure Gold Collagen, I would feel a slump in energy on days that I’d forgotten to take it in the morning – I suspect because my body was responding well to the Vitamin C in the formula. As the individual bottles are neat and compact, and don’t require refrigeration, I could keep them at my desk and habit-stack taking the supplement with my morning dose of social media.

About 15 days in to the trial, I noticed that the contours of my face felt slightly different when applying skincare. It turned out that I had gradually lost weight through this period – this was unintentional and purely down to changes in my life that required a lot more running around, and less time at my desk.

Ordinarily, I would have realised sooner that I had dropped a few pounds, as it would have shown first in my face and neck (sadly). I believe that the Pure Gold Collagen protected me from the double-blow of looking slightly gaunt around the eyes and loose and sad around the mouth which can be a horrible side-effect of unintentional weight-loss when you’re older.

Instead, I was able to flaunt my more visible cheekbones, knowing that my skin looked bright and firm. The liquid supplement did not in itself cause the weight loss, but probably helped to maintain it, as I noticed that I was less tempted to boost my energy with fats and sugars while following this regime.

By the end of the 30-day trial, I felt so good that I made an attempt to give up smoking – which given the pressures of time and work and family commitments I was facing, was not something I’d planned to do. I will be exploring the other formulations in the Gold Collagen range, as an aid to a more considered attempt at leading a healthier lifestyle.
Rachel McCormack, Beauty Writer

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Pure Collagen Gold. Illustration: Tyler Cookson


Our conclusion is that you can drink your way to beauty – although we are not sure you would need to until you are at least in your mid-to-late twenties … natural collagen production should be working well at this age, and if it isn’t broken, why fix it? But our tester in her 40s certainly noticed anti-ageing benefits, and intends to take a further thirty day course two or three times a year.

Pure Gold Collagen is available in trial sets of 10 bottles, but we would recommend at least a 30-day course to truly see the benefits. We think this is a particularly useful supplement for anyone facing a time of transition, be that a change in lifestyle, health regime, or simply to fortify you for a change in season – adjusting to the darker, colder months feels easier with a daily dose of Vitamin C and an internal skincare boost to maximise the benefits of richer facial oils and moisturisers.

Our testers tried Pure Gold Collagen, but there are other formulations available: Active Gold Collagen: designed for men and women with busy lives, and Gold Collagen Forte: formulated specifically for women over 40. We recommend booking a 15-minute skin test with Gold Collagen at Harrods Pharmacy to see exactly which formulation is best for you.

For those like our younger tester, concerned that the 50ml formulation is a little daunting, there is good news – Pure Gold Collagen is also available in a new 30ml size – Pure Gold Collagen Mini (currently available exclusively at Boots): the same strength as the regular formulation, but made with less water.

by Rachel McCormack

Illustration: Tyler Cookson

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