Juliette Has A Gun launch Not A Collection and Not A Perfume Superdose

TREAT yourself to newly released versions of the Juliette Has A Gun bestselling perfume – the Not A Collection body and hair products and an eau de parfum, Not A Perfume Superdose – for a minimalist scent that will leave you feeling fresh all day long.

Romano Ricci, great-grandson of exemplary designer and perfumer Nina Ricci, created the Not A Perfume in 2010. The unique fragrance is made of a single ingredient, called Cetalox, which is usually used in perfumery as a base note, but plays the leading role in this perfume. The result is clean, pure, woody scent with the added bonus of being allergen free.

Juliette Has A Gun NOT A

Not A Perfume Superdose – the intense new eau de parfum from Juliette Has A Gun

Juliette Has A Gun NOT A

Hand cream from the Not A Collection

Juliette Has A Gun NOT A

Not A Collection show gel

The new collection includes a body mist, shower gel and hand cream, meaning you can enjoy the scent in multiple forms – whether to quickly freshen yourself up with a spritz of mist or to leave your hands smelling fresh. The Not A Perfume Superdose packs a powerful punch of the original perfume, leaving a more prevailing and longer lasting trail.

For a tastefully paired back scent to carry you from day to night, from laid back to formal, the Superdose perfume and Not A Collection are ideal, and sure to leave people wondering what it is that you are wearing.

by Alicia Pountney

Not A Collection will be available exclusively at Selfridges until the end of February 2020.

Not A Perfume Superdose will be available exclusively at Selfridges until the end of October 2019, after which it will be available in all other Juliette Has A Gun retailers from 1st November.