Kate Moss launches signature Cosmoss scent in new travel-friendly size

KATE MOSS’ wellness brand, Cosmoss, announces the exciting launch of its signature Sacred Mist Eau de Parfum in a new travel-size bottle. Available from 15th September onwards, customers will have the option of buying the smaller, compact 30ml bottle which comes presented in a luxurious, velvet pouch with embroidered details.

With base notes of oak moss, tonka and cedar wood, the Eau de Parfum’s success is no surprise. The warm, inviting scent nurtures the senses and brings a spiritual holistic sense of calmness to one’s comportment – indubitably thanks to its lavender and bergamot notes.

Having been expertly crafted by Kate Moss and Victoria Young – notorious homeopath, alchemist and Cosmoss collaborator – a spritz of Sacred Mist relieves stress and restores calmness to a busy, hectic everyday routine.

Speaking on the scent, Moss said: “When I spray this, I feel calmer, I wanted it to be an aura mist that’s cleansing. The base is all kind of magical.”

Describing the fragrance as beneficial for one’s soul, self and space, the new conveniently sized bottle ensures that a state of tranquillity is merely a spray away. Retailing for £68, the scent will be available to purchase at www.cosmossbykatemoss.com next month.

by Sophie Richardson