Kim Jones puts a Dior touch on the new Gran Turismo 7 video game

WITH collaborations all the craze in the fashion industry and the rise of the virtual world entering our physical, menswear artistic director of Dior, Kim Jones has unveiled an exciting new chapter for the French fashion House. Infiltrating and redesigning two elements of the latest Gran Turismo 7 video game, Jones has launched an exclusive Dior ‘skin’ for the avatar, along with a customisation of the De Tomaso Mangusta vintage car.

DIOR GT7 Kim Jones Dior x Gran Turismo 7

Taking a closer look at the two Dior showcases, the yellow and grey jumpsuit will come with matching gloves, new Diorizon shoes and a helmet. Though the colour palette reflects the aesthetic of the latest runway collections, further detailing such as the Dior Oblique motif, CD initials and even the phrase ‘Christian Dior Atelier Avenue Montaigne’ stitched onto the creations, hones in on Jones’ meticulous attention to execution, ensuring even when on-screen, the savoir-faire of the Dior ateliers are always at the forefront of the look.

DIOR GT7 Kim Jones Dior x Gran Turismo 7 DIOR GT7 Kim Jones Dior x Gran Turismo 7

And as a final touch, the number 47 appears on the driver’s silhouette and car as a tribute to the founder’s 1947 show that lit the flame for the brand’s trail-blazing future.

by Imogen Clark 

This inaugural virtual-reality capsule collection will launch alongside the game – which can only be played on Playstation 4 and 5 consoles – on 25 August 2022.