LFW AW15: Minnan Hui

With a bold beginning Minnan Hui used a variety of contrasting patterns to convey an artistic aesthetic. A 3d canvas of abstract design ranging from block metallic finishes to a build up of primary colouring set the theme for the AW show. The choice of loud shades and harsh edges mixed together, forming a unique palette of basic colours. Largely made up of lines, the collection incorporated a mix of shapes, which bled together to create an audacious pattern.

Architecturally speaking, the designs were oversized and formed by consistent layering, which created a multidimensional finish. The asymmetrical features of each gown added with the distinct cut, made for an origami effect. Differing hem lines and extra material on sections of the garments exaggerated the eccentricity of the collection, providing an almost clown like edge.

Atypical of usual AW tones, Hui decorated the runway with an array of colour, which was met with a striking streak of metallic. Her playful twist on layering left the gowns with a bulky exterior, transforming them into statement pieces. Providing us with a kooky display, Hui encapsulated a unique vibe and has challenged the traditional portrayal of AW wear.


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by Emma Walsh 

Lower images by Shiyu Tang

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