LFW AW19: Bora Aksu

TURNING the catwalk of the BFC center into a mesmerising walk in space, the AW19 collection of Bora Aksu was inspired by Valentina Tereshkova, the first women to go into space. A feminine, light and holographic collection, every we hope fashion space to be like…

Kicking off her walk into space is layered white look, adding in a bit of shine with a silver jacket and boots detailing. Telling the story of Valentina’s life, the show starts off more muted down, classic looks referring back to her upbringing in a village. Grey two-pieces are paired with chiffon oversized bows and the staple Bora Aksu silver boot or a more muted down check suit.

Channeling her space days with the coats and jackets as they were puffy, oversized and boxy. As soon as the astronaut-aesthetic was introduced, so was colour. A pink ruffled chiffon dress with red hems screamed new age romanticism and expanded the mystical colour palette with lilacs, pinks, green and light blues.

With each look, the dresses become more colourful, longer and ruffled. Leading up to the piece de resistance: a blue iridescent chiffon dress that transformed colour with every strut, creating pure magic.

Space helmets were swapped for hand-embroidered and hand-knitted headpieces designed in collaboration with Liria Pristine, looks were further accessories with some funky avant-garde oval sunglasses and pearl jewellery adding a touch of class.

Ethereal, iridescent and breezy, this collection might be as close as we ever get to space, yet if it happens, we’ll be sure to dress the part.

by Lupe Baeyens

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