AW19 LFW: Eudon Choi

DRAWING inspiration from the surrealist art of Meret Oppenheim and photographer Guy Bourdin, Eudon Choi delivers understated glamour with his fall 2019 collection at LFW. Known for her refusal to differentiate male and female art, and her exploration of the duality of existence, Choi celebrates Oppenheim’s artwork with the collections surrealist-inspired experimentation of colours, silhouettes, and prints, while also seeking inspiration from Bourdin’s highly stylised photography.

Known for its highly composed and illusory images, the 1970s surrealist movement is incorporated into the collection through its use of colour blocking, a defining characteristic of the era. Juxtaposing strong blocks of colour, particularly through the skirts and outerwear of the collection, Choi experiments with surreal imagery and experimentation of colour. Similarly, the collection plays with colour by intwining neutrals with neon, exploring Oppenheim’s fascination with dualities and binary perspective.

Paying homage to the decade as well as the art movement, Choi plays with 1970s inspired shapes and silhouettes, especially through the incorporation of trench coats and midi-skirts. Exploring contrasting textures, a variety of different fabrics are brought into the collection, from faux-fur, to leather, to mesh. Perhaps the most defining feature of the collection is contrast. With the combination of different materials, colours, prints, and shapes, Choi brings surrealist nuances to London Fashion Week.

Without a doubt, the pieces which stole the show was Choi’s array of footwear. Fantastically colourful and refined, many of the boots featured a colour block print, and were quintessentially 70s’, while maintaining a feeling of wearability.

Feminine, chic, and vividly surrealist, Choi brings life to one of the forgotten artistic greats through his fall collection.

by Emma Hart

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