LFW SS18: Pam Hogg

THE crowd of Pam Hogg were treated to a picnic feast of a show, as the tune of Teddy Bear Picnic plays over the speakers, models in colourful meshed garments that left nothing to the imagination strutted down the catwalk in boots so chunky and high, you’d think they’re beautiful giants. Hogg’s show included plastic like, floral printed trench coats, square blocked coloured and star covered all in ones, and extravagant headwear.


With vibrant colours as, blue, red, pink, yellow and many more dominating the audiences eyes, Pam Hogg surly has an imagination of wonders.


Models wear vibrant make-up by Kryolan, striking blues streaked across their eyes and a bright red classic lip making the models look like pieces of art, giving the whole show an Art Deco feel. It’s Friday I’m in Love.



by Abigail Jane Winterford

Images courtesy of Pam Hogg

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