LFWM: Home of Homme SS18

HOME OF HOMME is a new brand created by a hard-working and talented young designer Peter Smith, who introduced his third collection entitled Hope Is Important during LFWM. Located in the intimate interiors of The Scotch of St. James venue in London, the first solo presentation was displayed in an interesting, somewhat mysterious atmosphere, created by well-selected music and good use of lightning.



Once the audience entered, the models were the centre of attention which made it clear and easy for the guests to focus on the designs and understand what is hidden behind the collection concept.




The collection was inspired by Peter’s background and experiences, and is a mix of sportswear and streetwear that describes Home of Homme’s individual and unique approach to the world of fashion.




A courageous combination of colours and materials, as well as the prints seen on both jackets and trousers developed an aesthetic outcome and matched his idea of contemporary menswear.

by Karolina Zielinska

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