Loewe unveil their star-studded menswear AW22 campaign set in Japan

LOEWE reveal their new AW22 campaign in collaboration with retailer GR8, one of Japan’s most cutting-edge boutiques. Capturing the urban creative scene of the city, through a 30-second short film set in Tokyo’s Harajuku district, the campaign showcases the dynamic energy that Jonathan Anderson has contained into his new men’s runway collection.

Through a remarkably diverse cast, including the legendary director, actor and media personality, Takeshi Kitano, we are taken on a trip of what modern Japanese culture holds, as the camera travels from buzzing streets to the intense games at a mahjong table.

LOEWE FW22 campaign photographer: Ryu Ika KitanoLoewe AW22 campaign – Takeshi Kitano


The campaign, based in a nightclub in Tokyo and shot by Mongolian photographer, Ryu Ika, effortlessly blends the euphoric nature of these eclectic characters with her distinctly raw aesthetic. A series of films were shot by PERIMETRON producer Shotaro Nishioka and creative unit Margt, across various destinations in the city, channeling the famous lo-fi aesthetics while being mixed with exaggerated effects and 360-degree angles to create a playful yet attention grabbing set of media.

LOEWE FW22 Campaign:Tokio Emoto @Ryu IkaLoewe AW22 Campaign – Tokio EmotoMEN_FW22_LOOK_13_FRONT_PR RUNWAY

An impressive list of people can also be spotted throughout the campaign, like actors Nijiro Murakami and Tokio Emoto, accompanied by Kodai Mori and Shu Sasaki from the creative labels Millennium Parade and PERIMETRON, and finally London-based DJs and models, Jyrrel and ReiAlice.

LOEWE FW22 Campaign: Cota Mori @ Ryu IkaLoewe AW22 Campaign – Cota MoriMEN_FW22_LOOK_24_FRONT_PR-RUNWAY

By paying close attention to the cast’s personalities, the styling truly reflects each of them straight onto the camera adding a joyful and intriguing edge for the viewer. Takeshi Kitano can be seen in an abstract print shirt from the new collection, which projects his enigmatic character, whilst Nijiro Murakami wears a nylon coat as a nod towards his layered identity.

Tokio Emoto features the star of the show, a face printed T-shirt that caused quite the reaction at the runway reveal, and accessories like the Spanish brand’s signature handcrafted, small leather goods – with an eye-catching Puzzle bag illuminated with LEDs, can also be seen amongst the rest.

LOEWE FW22 Campaign: GR8 Kubo @Ryu IkaLoewe AW22 Campaign – GR8 KuboMEN_FW22_LOOK_36_FRONT_PR RUNWAY

The collection itself aims to capture the unseen and prompts the questions we regularly find asking ourselves like, ‘What is real today?’. According to Anderson, this new series will engage with an altered real world that proposes that nothing is quite what it seems. Through a mix of bold and dynamic silhouettes, that bring just the right touch of avant garde with them, a sense of looking at something with twisted perspectives can be seen, aided by accessories that defy conventional interpretations.

LOEWE FW22 Campaign: Nijiro Murakami @Ryu IkaLoewe AW22 Campaign – Nijiro Murakami


This exciting energy from the campaign can be seen in a series of pop-up stores at GR8, Loewe Omotesando and Isetan Shinjuku Men’s Building, hosted from 27 July 2022.

by Alicia Tomkinson