MFW SS19: Giorgio Armani

WHILE Emporio Armani was taking over Linate airport, its couture sister-line, Giorgio Armani, put on a display of elegance and femininity at this SS19 MFW show. The latest collection, full of subtle silhouettes, elongated shapes and delicate colours expressed the Armani’s version of female identity that is at the same time fragile yet remarkably strong.

The show took place on a glossy black runway, contrasting with the luminous colours of the collection: the shades of blue and pink tenderly intertwined on the ethereal materials. The modern woman, in Armani’s perspective, is strong enough to showcase and be proud of her femininity: making the collection is abundant with lightweight dresses and exquisite floral prints.


Glass particularly loved the touch of an airy oversized sun hat that completed the suit looks of the collection, once again emphasising the importance of being a woman. The deconstructed jackets and fluid trousers, with the soft touches of light blues, rose blush and bright greens, created a mesmerising image of femininity.


The bright marine colours of a mermaid-like feeling conveyed the positive emotions of the collection, taking over the subtle shapes of the outfits in the sign of discreet elegance. With the flamboyant earrings and embellished tops, from lustrous suits to flow dressed, Giorgio Armani showcased a versatile style-armour that empowers women who wear the timeless pieces of the brand.

by Olga Kuznietsova

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