Miu Miu showcases the Arcade Bag with Gigi Hadid 

MIU MIU presents its iconic matelassé in two distinct versions – the already-celebrated Wander, and the freshly-introduced Arcade, both graced by the presence of Gigi Hadid under the sharp lens of Steven Meisel. The campaign is an exploration of the fascinating crossroads between the tangible world and the realm of the surreal.

The profound essence of these dreamy locations – palpable and artistically sculpted – echoes the complexity and symbolism of Miu Miu’s matelassé. This distinctive material from Miu Miu mixes modern simplicity with the time-honoured traditions of leather artistry. The result is a pair of handbag variations showcasing additional layers of texture and depth.

The visual narrative is enriched by the influence of Margaret Keane, the renowned American artist. Meisel channels her uniquely identifiable creative realm to redefine that of the Miu Miu protagonist, a tribute that crafts fascinating surroundings for these portraits featuring both Gigi and the Miu Miu accessories. Similarly, Keane’s own fearless persona aligns organically with the unmistakable ethos of Miu Miu, embodied here in Gigi’s gestures, moods, and emotions. 

In the series of styled but intimate and honest photos accompanied by mesmerising still life, Hadid looks at us with eyes that are warm and welcoming, embodying both herself and the public image that she has created for herself. She just has to give us a simple glance to bring us into this world, which is a combination of the real and the imaginary and is permeated throughout with the spirit of Miu Miu.

by Zlata Kryudor