Modern take on Italian classics at IT London

SET ACROSS two floors in a former art gallery, IT London is a tribute to the Italian cooking traditions with a menu designed by Nino Di Costanzo, the two Michelin-starred chef. Walking through the streets of Mayfair it is not uncommon to pass places, which lure you in with a promise of authenticity, yet later compromise on flavour.

However, IT London is not leaving the guests disappointed, believing that some things, and dishes, are in fact timeless. The modern design of the restaurant blended with dynamic music and Mediterranean cuisine creates a place with a uniquely cosmopolitan, yet relaxed atmosphere.

IT London InteriorIT London interior

We start our journey through the menu with IT’s signature pizza. My initial doubts about the Italian classic being a bit too overwhelming as a first course are dispelled as I take my first bite. Margherita is full of flavour topped with a wonderfully creamy mozzarella, rich tomato base and aromatic basil, the rumours about the IT pizza were true – the crust remains perfectly thin and crunchy till the very end.

IT Signature PizzaIT signature pizza

Following this, we are presented with something slightly unusual from the typical Mediterranean classics: a sea bass carpaccio topped with caviar. The fish is delicate and light, served with dollops of ricotta; the textures melt into each other creating a true symphony of flavours.

The next dish is something slightly heavier, a perfectly crunchy aubergine parmigiana – another showstopper of the Mayfair location. Underneath the layer of crispy parmesan, the plate is oozing with impeccably seasoned, creamy tomato sauce hidden between the slices of fried aubergine. Every bite evokes the feeling of familiarity and comfort, which is often associated with Italian cooking, reminding us that success is really as easy as simplicity and tradition.

Our main is the classic Risotto ai funghi, yet another bow to the country’s cuisine, which has the power of transforming a seemingly simple ingredient into a truly royal meal. The richness of the wild mushrooms is elevated by a glass of full-bodied red wine, which compliments their heaviness and essence without overpowering the darker notes hidden in the sauce.

Risotto ai funghi ITRisotto ai funghi

Very full, but still hungry for more surprises we finish our dinner with a tiramisu. As any self-acclaimed lover of this particular dessert, I often find the ratio of the cream to the bitterness of the coffee disappointing so I approach it with a level of suspicion. To no wonder, it is IT once again. The pudding has a velvety texture and just the right amount of the sweetness ensuring that with each spoonful I am transported from central London straight to the windy canals of Venice – unsurprisingly, me and my guest find ourselves scraping the bottoms of our bowls trying to savour every bit.

IT London BarBar at IT London

I leave IT London knowing where to come next time I feel the longing for the comfort of Mediterranean cuisine blended with a buzzing city atmosphere.

by Olga Petrusewicz

28-29, Dover St, Mayfair, London W1S 4LX

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