Nikki Beach Mallorca celebrates a decade at the forefront of island partying

THERE ARE very few names that weigh as heavy in the summer scene as Nikki Beach. Globally known to be the first luxury beach club, starting on Miami Beach in 1998, it has now evolved into one of the most exclusive hubs for those who wish to indulge in their favourite pleasures whilst soaking in the sun in eleven different locations across the globe.

Not only has Nikki Beach cultivated a name for itself as a pioneer of the beach party, but they have also maintained its position at the forefront of this unofficial competition. With celebration at the heart of the brand and milestone anniversaries popping up this year marking reappraisals of the deserved hype, the opportunity to come and experience the tenth year of Nikki Beach Mallorca was one that wasn’t going to be missed.

Nikki Beach MallorcaNikki Beach Mallorca

A short two-hour flight from London led me into the breezy warmth of Palma, a popular destination for the Brits, and a secret spot for those who wish to come and enjoy the indisputable five-star service that this beach club has to offer to those lucky enough to make it in.

Arriving in style via chartered Sunseeker yacht, what awaited me off the shore was a branded speedboat that took me to the small jetty in front of the club that faces the Isla de sa Porrassa. The iconic white and blue colours went from a distant blur to a crisp, clear view of an immaculate haven lit up by the Spanish sun and alive with the music from the DJ booth.

Nikki Beach MallorcaNikki Beach Mallorca

Centred around a swimming pool and live music, the Majorcan instalment is fitted with an outdoor restaurant on one side and a uniform arrangement of tiered sunbeds and sofa areas occupied by small groups of friends and families. The initial impression upon entry is that the reputation of the franchise not only lives up to what people have said, but might even exceed it – not forgetting to mention a notable, and quite honestly astonishing anecdote from the recent Assouline book about the brand, that recalls a visitor arriving and then staying for 500 consecutive days at their Dubai outpost.

What’s their secret? No one would tell me, but it could be something to do with the attentive staff, myriad of cocktails and rosé, and their famous menu – a fail-safe combination heightened by small details like matching yellow dresses, interactive musicians, and an indescribable feeling that the party won’t stop.

Nikki Beach MallorcaNikki Beach Mallorca

For those who place more emphasis on shared meals and laid-back discussions, the dining area is a landscape of families, couples and friend groups exploring the impressive menu at Nikki Beach. With global classics standing proud on the menu like the Sexy Salad (lobster, shrimp and crab meat on a bed of cucumber and avocado) and the Famous Chicken Satay, both deserving of the praise that has earned them availability in each restaurant, and clear firm favourites, it’s the rest of the menu that shines a light on national specialities and local produce.

Nikki Beach MallorcaNikki Beach Mallorca Dining Area

Nikki Beach Chicken Satay Nikki Beach Famous Chicken Satay

Hand-sliced Jabugo Ham, Mediterranean caught shrimp and fruit from nearby farms, are a few of the conscious choices that Regional Head Chef Alex Gulberg ensured made Mallorca’s menu representative of the place it was located in. Among the array of larger plates and snacks, it’s the Raw Bar that also deserves a mention – think Amelie Oysters, Sashimi and an abundance of a myriad of sushi rolls – they really have something for each of their visitors, even compelling you to return to try the dishes you were too full to order. 

Nikki Beach Mallorca Sushi Nikki Beach Mallorca Sushi

Nikki Beach Mallorca Sushi Nikki Beach Mallorca Sushi

Perhaps their aptly named Amazing Sunday Brunch is more enticing, as the mixture of laid back meets party becomes more subtle, and the focus is on sharing food. Combining the classic breakfast (obviously with a luxury twist, offering options such as truffle fried eggs and steak sandwich) with clean, fresh juices, and a satisfying combination of live cooking stations that showcase fresh local seafood, like platters of oysters, poke bowls and sushi, while Mallorcan roasted lamb, and apricot sponge cake bring that island element to the table.

Nikki Beach Sexy SaladNikki Beach Sexy Salad

Nikki Beach MallorcaNikki Beach Mallorca

With a penchant for entertaining and rewriting the rules of what it means to be a luxury beach club, Nikki Beach Mallorca has an undeniable attraction to it, drawing goers in repeatedly. But what’s more, is that there’s something somewhat ineffable about why you simultaneously relax and thoroughly let yourself go to the atmosphere. And it’s this exact fine line that makes you understand why that certain guest couldn’t bring himself to leave for 500 days.

by Imogen Clark 

Amazing Sunday Brunch is served from 12-3pm and priced at €69 per person, or €99 per person including half a bottle of champagne.