PFW SS20: Mugler

SINCE taking over the reins at Maison Mugler back in 2017, Casey Cadwallader has been the contemporary antidote the house needs to revive its image with fresh ideas. With a reputation for pushing boundaries in fashion construction through an architectural lens, Mugler continues to showcase an incredibly high standard of design and impeccable silhouettes, but is now in the position to work with modern fashion. With the SS20 collection debut at PFW, Cadwallader revisits the successes of the house’s past while paving a new way forward. 

Championing this modern era for Mugler is model Bella Hadid, known for her striking looks. Mirroring her sharp features and slicked hair are Muglers dynamic designs. Sporting a cropped black blazer with exaggerated shoulders and an opaque black single-sleeve of lingerie, Hadid exudes a boldly type of sensuality. Bringing together sharp tailoring skills and emphasis on the 3D form of clothing, Cadwallader hones in on his architectural background in an effort to heighten the visual complexity.

Much like the opening look, the looks that follow remain largely monochromatic with only a few outfits straying from totally black or white. This creative decision pointing towards a focus on detailed tailoring rather than wild experimentation with various tones and fabrics. In this way, the outfits appear to be methodically calculated to create the ideal evening silhouette for a woman of 2019 of any shape or size. In terms of accessories, a few of the models wore dazzlingly long earrings, which complimented the precise flow of their respective outfits.

And while the SS20 collection primarily focused on ready-to-wear womens clothing, the most enticing look of the morning was an all white pant and glove combination that wrapped seamlessly across the models back and chest. Leaning towards minimalism, this outfit worked effortlessly in tandem with the models natural body, creating a visually complex look overall.

by Maria Noyen