PFW SS22: Heliot Emil

PERMANENT Metamorphosis is the name of Heliot Emil’s SS22 collection designed by Julius Juul.  The collection debuted on the first day of Paris fashion week via a film directed by Maria Ines Afonso.

For the collection, Juul was inspired by “the concept of an intermediate state in which an object or entity is in transition between two stages. Not being in the original stage or the new stage, but existing only in the transitional stage”.  This sentiment materialized itself in a sleek, sexy and very modern line-up. 


It was the subtle details that gave the garments their sexy and playful edge. A black, long-sleeve collared knit sweater was elevated with a diagonal zipper at the neckline.  Mini skirts that were made just that much sexier with the help of straps that resembled garters. 

The collection was hardware and cut out heavy – denim with missing fabric that helped give the appearance of faux, western chaps and heavy-duty, harness-like leather belts cinching waists over blazers. 

Heliot Emil SS22 explored how garments can be transitional – how clothes can transform with the wearer.  Transformation doesn’t have to look like a complete rebirth; alternatively, it can be continual refinement, which is precisely what Juul does with Heliot Emil’s established aesthetic each passing fashion season.  

by Jamison Kent


All images courtesy of Heliot Emil