Preen by Thornton Bregazzi releases Seasonless 2020 on LFW’s digital stage

PREEN By Thornton Bregazzi welcomes in a new era of season-less fashion, with their new collection debuted via the first digital London Fashion Week, aptly named Season-less. While the future of fashion week faces its biggest threat, Preen is happy to usher in a fresh take on the production and consumption in the fashion industry. Expansion here certainly makes sense.

Preen is a brand that has evolved in the ever-changing and frequently challenged contemporary world of fashion design. Now, the question arises; is it time for the fashion giants to take notes from smaller brands, and not vice-versa?

Asides from this ever-growing debate from the increase of season-less collections, the collection itself was a nod to the importance and tradition and craft in contrast to its ultra-modern message. Tailored vintage elements and hand-crafted details lead the way, combining elements like patchwork prints, spliced fabrics, and statements shapes in a love letter to old Victorian goth and new romance.

Deconstructed London cool would be the best way to describe the collection, while bringing through dreamy, almost fairytale-like detail in this certainly bleak and unprecedented time. The campaign imagery is accompanied by a film by Turkina Faso, a soft focused and hazy wander through Preen’s signature daringly feminine scope.

Overall, Preen uses deconstruction and technical prowess to forge new meaning in this collection. The campaign for this collection tells this story best, alternating between shots in a romantic forest setting and stark city walls. Uncertainty is everywhere, but Preen looks to the future with a balance of optimism, truth, and unmatched design.

by Emma Hart

For more information and to watch the Preen by Thornton Bregazzi Season-less 2020 film, click here