Principe di Savoia, Dorchester Collection, collaborates with the Duomo

THE MILAN-based,  Principe di Savoia, Dorchester Collection, which is known for its adventurous spirit and historical grounds has newly unveiled its collaboration with the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo initiating guided tours for its guests around the iconic cathedral. 

The hotel dates back to 1896 and is known for its essence of opulence as The Principe perfectly contradicts modern luxury with classic Milanese style. Its authentic Italian charm and neoclassical facade were originally dreamt up by the distinguished architect Cesare Tenca and today is thought of as a fine oasis surrounded by urban landscapes.

With the initial intention of welcoming business travellers, the hotel has become recognised for its hostings of royalty and celebrities from around the globe with even their presidential suit interiors inspired by the La Scala opera house and its performing artists.

Design and architecture are prominent themes integral to the hotel’s foundation and are suggested through its dramatic interiors of brocade drapes, velvet furnishings and embossed wallpaper.

The Principe embodies the spirit emanated by its city which makes its collaboration with the Duomo nothing close to surprising. The cathedral is known for its six-century-spanning narrative of history and art with the likes of renowned architects and artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, working on the landmark.

With various packages available for visiting the Duomo, experiences can be personalised depending on the guest’s interests. The customisable outings offer guided tours to exclusive territories of the cathedral, give privileged access to the grounds after regular hours and the hotel is even able to organise a private organ concert for guests on demand.

The Duomo visit is a charming experience for a cultural adventure or a romantic escapade. 

by Nicole Pereira

For further enquiries visit the Hotel Principe di Savoia website.

Hotel Principe di Savoia, Dorchester Collection
Piazza della Repubblica 17, 20124 Milan