Glass visits Nickel & Diner – New York’s best all-day dining spot

THE diner is quite possibly one of the greatest American inventions. A place to grab a bite at any hour of the day, nestled in an informal setting – what’s not to like? Nickel & Diner, situated on fashionable Howard Street in New York’s Little Italy, is the best example of the genre. This beautiful spot has elevated the diner game altogether, offering refined, high-quality fare and upscale interiors. Whether you want to take coffee at the cute coffee counter, settle down in a booth, or perch at the elegant bar, expect fantastic-tasting New American cuisine and superior hospitality.

Nickel & Diner restaurant

It’s pretty apparent upon arrival that this is a gorgeous-looking restaurant, from the chequered floor and turquoise seating, to the pendant lamps and clean white surfaces. Nickel & Diner is also wonderfully spacious and airy – particularly uncommon for a city known for its cramped dining rooms.

Coffee and bagels at Nickel & Diner

Open from breakfast until late night, the food options are classic yet handled creatively. The all-day menu provides multiple egg dishes alongside up-to-date salads, such as a kale cashew bowl and an arrangement of shaved vegetables. For dinner, things are taken up a notch. During our recent visit, Glass feasted on a delicious ginger crusted halibut served with enoki mushrooms and steak dressed with sorrell and pickled habanero. Side dishes were equally tasty, and a few together could easily make a full meal. A good wine selection is available offering well-priced options, and some brilliantly themed creations can be found on the cocktail list, such as Not Your Grandaddyʼs Egg Cream (Anejo rum and cinnamon honey mixed with almond milk and soda) and Matcha Do About Nothing (whiskey, matcha and hemp milk).

The bar at Nickel & Diner

This is a diner, so it’s pretty essential that desserts are done properly. Thankfully, Nickel & Diner make next-level sweet treats. The endlessly charming staff kindly brought out a selection for us to try, including avocado ice cream and lychee sorbet, the richest, most delicious chocolate pudding, and a delicately flaky meringue with berries.

A pasta dish at Nickel & Diner

Suffice to say, there really isn’t anything to not like about Nickel & Diner. It is a win-win situation, and a sophisticated, fun one at that.

By Derby Jones

All images: courtesy of Nickel & Diner

Nickel & Diner, 1 Howard Street, New York, NY 10013
Tel: +1 646 870 6100

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