Sachajuan Matt Wax and Fibre Paste – your new short hair hero

MY hair has always been something of a point of pride. However, in its innately pin straight, mousy brown plainless when left au natural, my hair requires a kind of sprucing regime that covers far more than the usual cut/wash/dry/go of the everyman. Oh, no, mine is far from simple.

Over the years, it has varied of course, but the general routine has always revolved around a few principle factors; some sort of colour, (more often than not of the blonde variety); a multitude of toning treatments and hair masks in order to maintain said colour of the blonde variety: then a finishing serum to maintain hair health, along with whichever styling products happened to be close by at the time said styling occurred – this final step is where I admit, I’ve been dropping the ball.

Bizarrely enough, it was the wind that persuaded me to finally give my long-suffering hair a break. Sat on the deck of a restaurant above the sea rocks in Malaysia, I spent most of the meal blinded by my own blonde strands, cut off from conversation by the whirlwind of flaxen surrounding my eyes. With this rude awakening, the time to switch things up had finally come.

Thomas in Malaysia, before trading in for a shorter cut

First I went shorter, drastically shorter, the kind of short that gives you a fright when you wake up the next morning and look in the mirror, only to not recognise the shorn head looking back at you. I kept it long on top for styling purposes, and dyed it a darker hue, rather than continue to subject myself to the bi-monthly ritual of highlights that I feared was taking its toll.

There is always an adjustment period when you start something new, but when that thing is as close to you and personal as your hair, it can also be daunting. I quickly discovered that this new cut would require some gentle persuasion every morning in order to look its best. This is where Sachajuan, the Stockholm-based haircare brand that has achieved nothing short of cult status for its understated and chic packaging, affordable prices and outstanding product quality, comes in.


Sachajuan Fibre Paste and Matt Wax

Sachajuan’s Fibre Paste and Matt Wax, launched this year, added to the already popular styling range for men offered by the brand. Joining the classic Hair Wax and Hair Paste, these two new options have opened up further avenues for exploring your style. The Fibre Paste allows for a stronger hold with subtle shine, yet is still reworkable and touchable. For those who hate that ultra-hard hairspray-sticky texture, yet crave a strong hold and grip in their hair, this is your new favourite alternative.

Thomas wearing the Sachajuan Matt Wax

Personally, I find this to be the best product for my thick and slippery hair. Many products will simply appear to slip off of my hair over the course of the day and it will return to its former, limp state. The Fibre Paste (named so due to its fibrous formula) offers firm hold and control that nourishes the hair at the same time, an essential element that many cheaper products simply do not attend to.

On the other hand, the Matt Wax is ideal for adding texture to otherwise limp hair without having it look overtly styled, and providing that roughed-up, bedhead look by eliminating shine. It has a soft hold, making it easy to restyle consistently throughout the day, and perfect for those of us who simply do not want to feel like we’re wearing a lot of product in our hair. For an even more intense result, work into the hair when wet, and the result when dry will be even more visibly matt than when used on already dry hair.

Thomas wearing the Sachajuan Matt Wax

The Sachajuan range is fantastic for those seeking no-fuss, simple products that can be easily fitted into an everyday routine. Having used these products for a few weeks now, I can strongly recommend them on the basis of not only how easily manageable my hair is and how stylish it looks, but how healthy and strong it feels after the products has been washed out. Hair health is crucial to any good style, and with Sachajuan, you can be assured your hair is in good hands.

by Thomas Marrington

To learn more about Sachajuan products, visit their website here

The Fibre Paste and Matt Wax are both £22 for 75ml

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