Shamballa Jewels launch The Spirit of Shamballa Collection

The SPIRIT of Shamballa is the exciting new collection by Shamballa Jewels and takes inspiration from the sky at night-time with its bright, shining stars and enchanting full moon. Created by brothers Mad and Mikkel Kornerup in 2005, Shamballa Jewels is a Danish jewellery collection synonymous, not only with luxury, but also with spiritual individuality. The Star of Shamballa, incorporated into every piece, is a four-directional symbol to remind us to live a life with purpose, using one’s power to strengthen oneself and others through love, joy, compassion and wisdom.

The men’s collection is brought to life by amethyst, interwoven with blue and grey sapphires, creating a splash of colour against the blue and grey stones and accompanied by 18K blackened white gold with black and white diamonds.


A bracelet for men from The Spirit of Shamballa

A bracelet for men from The Spirit of Shamballa

For women, the night-time sky is seen in a gentle light with the collection combining tranquil hues of white and grey, with the use of precious stones, such as Akoya Pearl and Rainbow Moonstone with Labradorite, adding lustre and creating depth. When combined with white coral, grey moonstone and Tahitian and South Sea pearls, the precious stones together represent an element of sparkling starlight.


A bracelet from The Spirit of Shaballa collection for women

A bracelet for women from The Spirit of Shamballa

Either create your own Shamballa piece, wear alone to make a bold statement, or team with several pieces together for a more dramatic look. Either way, the sky really is the limit.

by Amanda Bernstein

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