The Brando named the world’s leading resort in eco-tourism

THE BRANDO, located in French Polynesia, is a globally recognised name in the world of luxury island resorts.

The resort can be found on the private atoll of Tetiaroa, just a 20-minute plane journey from Tahiti and is known for being a self-sustaining luxury resort prioritising transformative experiences and sustainability innovations while surrounded by breathtaking views.

Exterior of The Brando

A leading force in the establishment of luxury eco-tourism, The Brando, which opened in 2014, was dreamt up by the famed Hollywood actor Marlon Brando and environmentalist Richard Bailey.

Every decision made regarding the functionality of the resort takes into consideration the Polynesian culture while still guaranteeing protective measures to preserve the atoll’s biodiversity to ensure many more years of flourishment to come.

Sound Baths at The Brando

The island is home to a four-bedroom residence and 35 private villas, which contain bedrooms ranging from one to three rooms and a private deck, pool and access to the beach.

The Brando ensures the usage of fewer resources to manage waste reduction and its environmental impact, marking the resort the first in the world to achieve the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum Certification. In order to maintain the area’s sea life, the resort also built a turtle care centre and an Ecostation for marine biologists via its non-profit, Tetiaroa Society.

The Brando

Guests are welcome to involve themselves in the resort’s wellness programs, such as Polynesian spiritual healing at Varua Te Ora Polynesian Spa. The resort offers a diverse range of treatments such as facial rituals, massages using Polynesian tools, sound bowls, yoga, breath work, meditation and sound healing, and the incorporation of natural local oils allows guests the benefits of ancient Polynedian healing traditions.

The Brando elevated their dining experience in 2023 by hiring French chef, Jean Imbert to design a unique sensory adventure for the guests. The dining restaurant Les Mutinés takes guests on a gastronomic adventure following the route of The HMS Bounty’s global expedition with dishes interpreting various destinations imagined by Imbert.

The Brando

An Omakase-style Japanese restaurant is also found at the resort, named Nami, with only seating for eight guests around a teppanyaki grill. One can find sushi, steak and shrimp with sake pairings to accompany each dish. The experience encourages interaction among all who visit while enjoying the unique culinary experience.

For those who fancy a cocktail, Bob’s Bar, created by Marlon Brando, is conceptualised around a travel diary and demonstrates the laidback nature of island living. Some of the actor’s favourite dishes and cocktails are reimagined using ingredient lists narrative of a story memorable to Brando, such as the La Glace des Mutinés.

The Island

To conclude, the resort also offers the Beachcomber Café with a menu inspired by the local fruits and vegetables from the resort’s vegetable garden and the surrounding Polynesian islands.

Truly one-of-a-kind, The Brando is impressively built by volcanos and preserved by coral, working to bring nature, Polynesian people, culture and tradition together while maintaining their efforts in protecting the atoll for future flourishment.

by Nicole Pereira