Thomas Zanon-Larcher shows at Photo London

Photo London kicks off at Somerset House this week. More than just a photography exhibit, the international arts fair features public programmes and talks, large-scale art exhibitions, and site-specific installations. With over 70 exhibitors, the diversity of work ranges broadly from vintage to contemporary, per scenario, per scale, and per medium.

Thomas Zanon-Larcher’s primarily photographic oeuvre, diverse itself in medium and in influence, boasts work irresistibly intertwined with fashion, as much of his work has been produced for, and from within, this industry. Interestingly, too, his work has consistently been compared to the moving filmic image – there is a cinematic quality to a lot of it, resulting from his bent for shooting without the compromise of movement; that is, he captures motion – a curated falsely stagnant pictorial reality.

Works from Zanon-Larcher’s Nora series will be on display at the photography fair. Presented by lens-based media gallery The Wapping Project Bankside, this series embodies the loose, active quality the artist is known for. Featuring females caught in elusive narratives, Zanon-Larcher captures single moments of larger series of movement – as if grabbing stills from a film, alluding to but not quite betraying the protagonist’s story.

Now, too, Zanon-Larcher officially presents the moving image: a revelation of the “behind-the-scenes” from which his still images are typically plucked; an expansion, in a sense, of those isolated frames. Also in association with The Wapping Project Bankside, screenings of Zanon-Larcher’s Lady From the Sea and A French Picture Show will be screened Sunday, May 24, 12:25 to 1:00 pm at Somerset House. The two films will be non-ticketed, and open to the public on a first come, first served basis. You may find more information on the screenings here.

Ellida Radio Isfjord-Svalbard June 2013Ellida Radio Isfjord-Svalbard June 2013

Ellida & Dr Wangel Adventfjorden-Svalbard June 2013 (1)Ellida & Dr Wangel Adventfjorden-Svalbard June 2013

Ellida Adventdalen-Svalbard June 2013Ellida Adventdalen-Svalbard June 2013

Dr Wangel Barentsburg-Svalbard June 2013Dr Wangel Barentsburg-Svalbard June 2013

Dr Wangel Radio Isfjord-Svalbard June 2013Dr Wangel Barentsburg-Svalbard June 2013

by Emily Rae Pellerin

Photo London takes place from May 21 until May 24

Images are stills from the film Lady From the Sea, via The Wapping Project Bankside

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