Tiffany & Co unveil the new Tiffany T collection

Tiffany have offered up a real treat for us this season, Tiffany T. One of the big-time jewellers’ biggest collections the year thus far, Tiffany T by Francesca Amfitheatrof has been brilliantly billed as “an unapologetically modern collection” by the designer in her new role as Tiffany’s design director, taking the power, energy and daring esprit of the world’s great cities to produce a triumph of carats.

Glowing gemstones and strong architectural strokes of metallics have been ardently assembled by New York native Amfitheatrof in an effort to mirror an exciting cosmopolitan city hub rising into the night’s sky, tapping into the “relentless energy that flows through New York and drives art and culture”. The precious metals in the bold new collection are a new testament to Tiffany’s sheer lightness that’s led by a maverick American design background based on reimagining and regenerating established traditions with care.

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But, aside from all of usual glittery spiel, this is a collection that challenges you not to be taken under the spell of 18 carat gold in rose, yellow and white that writhes in a hypnotising play of angles and curves, contouring against human forms perfectly. It’s collections like these that make crystal clear Tiffany & Co.’s fabulous reputation and why it exists, because when you buy into Tiffany’s you buy into something that’s everlasting. Just the same, the supreme elegance of Tiffany T’s signature new bracelets is something that we’d like to make an everlasting encounter on our wrists sometime soon.

by Liam Feltham

Images courtesy of Tiffany & Co