Welcome to the Spring 2020 issue of Glass and Glass Man – Fresh

Welcome to Fresh – the spring issue of Glass and Glass Man. The turn of a new decade offers us new opportunities, a psychological and metaphorical clean slate to write upon, that start of the school year sense of newnesss ­– so I thought the theme of Fresh would be an interesting one to explore.


Ella Balinska. Photograph: Paul Scala

For this issue, we pull the camera focus for a close up on an astounding array of film talent ­– Ella Balinska, Rachel Brosnahan, Zoey Deutch, Alice Eve, Eiza González, and Lucy Hale who each in their own unique ways are making a powerful impact on the screen and beyond. We asked them what fresh meant to them.

Eiza González. Photograph: Ssam Kim

Mexican actor Eiza González told Glass, “I just want to keep on creating stuff that keeps me inspired. I just want to tell stories that matter, I want to tell stories that resonate with the world. I feel like my 30s are about being proactive and creating content and opportunities.”


Zoey Deutch. Photograph: Ssam Kim

“Sometimes, to get from where we are to where we are going, we have to be willing to be in-between. Being in between can apply to feelings, career, relationships etc. But I’m working on the in-between and finding contentment in that. It’s not always fun being in-between, but it’s necessary,” said Hollywood scion Zoey Deutch. “It’s not forever and it feels stagnant and like we’re standing still. But we’re not. It’s how you get from A to B. It’s not the final destination. But we’re still moving forward when we’re in the in-between. Trying to find some peace in that, if that makes sense. I’m working on that.”

Rachel Brosnahan. Photograph: Ssam Kim

While the star of the hit series, The Marvellous Mrs Maisel, Rachel Brosnahan said, “I haven’t a clue and I prefer it that way. Whatever happens in the next 10 years, I hope there’s room for reinvention, on a personal level and also as a global community. I read recently that kids in the ‘80s predicted that the 2020s would be all about robot overlords, bubble cities and teleportation. I vote for teleportation in this decade, but we can leave the other stuff in the imaginations of children of decades past.”

Lucy Hale. Photograph: Ssam Kim

While British actor, Alice Eve asserted, “Fresh! Let’s hope we can have a fresh start on how we look at the world, maybe with a little hope.”

Alice Eve. Photograph: Nick Thompson

As well as this, we feature a dazzling array of the SS20 collections; three creative and inspiring beauty stories; a special look at Alexander McQueen new accessories; fashion and jewellery news as well as the annual Glass Beauty Awards where the team select our own personal winners.

In our Art of Living section, we interview Turner Prize-winning British artist Martin Creed; we talk to the CEO of leading sustainable architects Perkins and Will and explore the hottest travel destinations for the season.

Labrinth. Photograph: Elliott Morgan

For Glass Man, we consider some exciting musical talents – two Brits Labrinth and Bakar; the American singer-songwriter Greyson Chance and K-pop stars Day6.

Bakar. Photograph: James Anastasi

We asked Labrinth about what Fresh means to him: “Where’s my hovering car? I was reading something about how the world is in a massive transition, so I feel, like, beautiful because you see zeros and ones happening before your eyes and if you stand too close, you’ll miss it. So, I’m just sitting back and watching it happen,” he quips.


Kohei. Photograph: Olivia Malone

And Greyson Chance says: “The word itself carries a few synonyms with it, right? Fresh also means clean or new. In relation to my work, I want my music to evolve with me and feel new or grown. I want each album to represent a particular period of my life; I want each album to be a detailed description of what was happening in my personal life during that time.”


Day6. Photograph: Jang Duk Hwa

Along with the best of the Spring collections and accessories, along with jewellery and watches and trend guides for men, we serve up the coolest  streetstyle looks as seen at LFWM and NYFWM.

Glass Man catches up with Masayuki Ino, the creative director of Doublet, who tells us: “Yes, for me, being fresh is very important. My team and I try to invent new techniques every season so that my customers can enjoy the clothing and have fun with it. So, it is  always challenging during the design process because it is important that I experience something fresh or fun first. Like delicious Sushi, it is important to have fresh raw fish. It’s something like this.”

Along with a discussion about the truth about CBD, in our fitness and health section, we give you a helpful leg work-out plan, while skincare expert Dr Sharon Wong gives us her advice about male acne. Ahead of the Olympics in June, we talk to the inspiring Ali Jawad, the Paralympic powerlifter for ParalympicsGB about his incredible career so far and his medal-winning hopes for Tokyo 2020.

Over in our art section, we look at one of Europe’s foremost centres for contemporary art, Magasin III, ahead of its forthcoming re-opening in Stockholm as well as the latest in art news.

We put male beauty in the spotlight and meet brand forecaster Chris Krakowski who tells Glass Man about how China is currently experiencing a groundswell of interest in male beauty products. We get our glow on with the ingredient everyone is talking about vitamin C. And show you all you need to know about the newest blend hair looks for spring.

The most interesting new films are being made in languages other than English. We say get over the subtitles as the Glass Man film section reviews the Oscar-winning South Korean black comedy thriller Parasite.

The world out there may be a little uncertain at present, so why not check out our latest issues, if you have to self-isolate and even if not, they are your perfect companions.

by Caroline Simpson

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