5 Beauty Gurus with Flawless Skin

With the winter months creeping up on us, the amount of daylight we get isn’t the only thing that has started to change. Our skin starts to feel the effects of the colder days too, and more often than not, it might seem like a battle trying to get it to work with your makeup routine that’s worked flawlessly in the past!

Well, you’re not alone! And it’s certainly not a ‘flaw’ either! Everyone’s skin is beautiful in its own way! Finding out what skin care works for your skin, along with just a little bit of TLC, determines which products you should include more of and which you should steer clear of altogether for the chillier months. But where to start? This is where our beloved Beauty Gurus come to the rescue! Part of their job is to recommend products to us, so finding a beauty guru with a similar skin type is a great place to start!

1.   Jackie Aina

Beauty guru Jackie Aina is known for her maximalist skincare routine, and to that, we say, why not! Skincare doesn’t just have to be a ‘chore’ that you have to complete every day, and that’s certainly the approach that Jackie takes. She dedicates at least 15 minutes to her skincare routine, with about ten steps which include things like a cleansing balm to remove makeup at the end of the day, an essence, toner, moisturizer, and retinol with intervals! Her skin is more on the oily side, so if your skin type is combination/oily, it might be worth picking up some of the same products!

2.   James Walsh

Another influencer who values skincare and says it’s the key to flawless makeup application is UK YouTuber, James Walsh. His ethos promotes the idea that skincare should not be defined by gender and is a universal experience that we should all embrace, so he’s definitely worth following no matter your skin type or gender! Suppose you suffer from acne or are trying to clean up the aftermath of teenage acne and want to get rid of scarring. In that case, it’s worth following James Walsh for sure, who has talked about his experience with teenage acne on his channel, offering solutions and the products that’ll help the most.

3.   Liah Yoo

The face behind the skincare brand Krave Beauty, Liah Yoo, is someone who practices what she preaches. As an SPF queen, she really changed the game by introducing Korean SPFs and skincare products that go above and beyond. Goodbye sticky, goopy sunscreen that leaves a white cast no matter what, and hello sunscreen that you can barely detect! SPF is one of those things that we easily neglect, but we can see the effects of not using it in the long run. Liah also emphasizes that other skincare products we apply at night or even during the day for other skincare issues won’t be as effective if we aren’t locking it all in with protective sunscreen. From creams to cushions, SPFs, and more, there’s an option for everyone!

4.   Beauty Within

Getting a two-for-one, the dynamic duo Rowena Tsai and Felicia Lee are the faces behind the beauty/skincare channel Beauty Within on YouTube. With their main aim to educate, inform and introduce, Beauty Within is a great place to start if you’re completely lost. Especially if you’re looking to get into K-beauty and skincare and are ahead of the game, their channel is full of rich content to explore! By interviewing leaders in the skincare industry and delving deep into popular social media trends, you’ll know whether or not it’s worth investing in certain products that you might have been curious about!

5.   Grace’s Faces

If TikTok is your preferred social media app of choice, then it’s worth checking out UK-based influencer Grace’s Faces for proof that maintaining skin is a journey, and it’s one that is unique to everyone! Grace features her unfiltered skin for us to see what real skin really looks like, and that includes texture, pores, redness, and acne! She takes completely normal skin concerns and tests out products and shows us their results, and has shown us that consistency plays a big role in whether or not your skincare products will actually work! And as a bonus, she also has plenty of GRWMs, so you can catch some makeup tips while you’re there!