Armani/Silos announce Charles Fréger Exhibition Fabula

MILAN fashion art museum Armani/Silos has announced the opening of a new exhibition, dedicated to the work of French photographer Charles Fréger. Entitled Fabula, the exhibition focuses on Fréger’s ongoing research into different cultures and communities, in particular the varying dress codes of different societies.

From the Asafo series, Togo, 2014

Opening to coincide with Milan Fashion Week Mens, the exhibition examines dress in which communities adopt in order to assimilate as part of a group. Having explored the globe to capture the lives and dress of different groups of people, Fréger’s work has taken him from Austria to Croatia to Japan, and is considered groundbreaking for its complex representation of contemporary portraiture. His photography has also been featured in a variety of publications, including National Geographic.

Queens of Cebu, Philippine islands, 2011

From the Painted elephants series, India, 2013

The Armani/Silos, opened in April 2015, has exhibited many established fashion photographers, including that of Sarah Moon and Larry Fink. Displaying over 250 of Fréger’s photos, the opening is the largest exhibition Fréger has shown to date.

by Emma Hart

For more information on Charles Fréger exhibition at the Armani/Silos, their webpage is available here

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