Cartier release their spring jewellery collection, Résonances de Cartier

CASCADING light. Transparency. Pure loveliness. Résonances de Cartier is the spring jewellery collection from Cartier. Made up of 12 distinctive pieces including rings, bracelets, necklaces and a tiara, it is a collection of the world’s finest precious stones. Each gem has been carefully selected for its individual character and personality – its uniqueness expressed vividly and incorporated into the design, resulting in personal and thoughtful pieces.

The innovation behind the design creates an illusion of movement and dance, like ripples on a stream or notes in a tune. The stones have a life of their own. The intricate details, intersecting of lines and diamonds allow for light to pass through like glass. Shifting and radiating energy, the Résonances de Cartier Collection offers a breath of fresh air for spring.

Since its establishment in 1847 in Paris by Louis-François Cartier, the luxury jewellery label has taken exceptional gems, and through care, precision and skill, transformed them into the focus point of beautifully crafted jewellery. Each with its own past, Cartier rewrites their story, determining the future of the gem. Through expert craftsmanship and thoughtful precision, the gems and stones travel on a sparkling journey, adorning the body where they can be admired for their exceptional brilliance and beauty.

The Twisting Light Bracelet

The Twisting Light bracelet is a beautifully crafted piece. The clever design allows light to echo through, physically twisting light. It is made up of 18K white gold, two G S11/S12 triangular-shaped diamonds totalling 4.72 carats, rock crystal and brilliantcut diamonds.

The Ecume Necklace/Pendant

The Ecume Necklace/Pendant is a statement piece. In platinum, its three Fancy Yellow / Fancy Light Yellow VS1 briolette-cut diamonds totalling 74.24 carats. It also features oval-shaped diamonds, briolette-cut diamonds, natural pearls, rose-cut diamonds and brilliant-cut diamonds.

The Orbite Ring

The Orbite ring is an eye-catcher, with the most deeply coloured calibrated rubies and brilliant-cut diamonds. It is 18K white gold, one 5.02-carat F VS1 and one 4.72-carat F VS2 half-moonshaped diamond.

The Hyperbole Necklace

The Hyperbole Necklace/Tiara The Hyperbole is multi-functional, transforming from a necklace to a tiara. Featuring 18K white gold, one 140.21-carat square-shaped cabochoncut emerald from Colombia and brilliant-cut diamonds.

The Retba Necklace

The versatility of the Retba necklace means it can be worn in different ways. It features white gold, one 91.15-carat and one 8.33-carat pear-shaped rubellites, pink and white brilliant-cut diamonds.

The Clair Obscur Ring

A feminine beauty, the Clair Obscur ring is timeless. Created with platinum, one 2.73-carat Fancy Black pearshaped diamond, one 2.05-carat E IF pear-shaped diamond, black lacquer and brilliant-cut diamonds.

by Grace Calton

For more details about Résonances de Cartier, please visit Cartier

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