Chanel’s annual ephemeral boutique in St-Tropez now open

Every year Chanel takes up summer residence at the private mansion La Mistralée in Saint-Tropez, heralding the arrival of warmer, sunnier weather. Each summer, the ephemeral boutique sheds its old skin and takes on a new appearance.  This year, the luxury house’s decor tends towards sleek lines and monochromatic interiors accented with floral motifs.

Each room is painted in a single shade: navy blue, burgundy, pink nude and gold, adorned with panels of floral wallpaper and chrome furniture. Burgundy parquet floors line the mansion’s corridors, evoking the rich interiors of iconic Chanel handbags. They culminate in the verrière, a glass-roofed room bathed in light and with a rotunda ceiling that displays a huge gold and white camellia. The house’s navy vestibule showcases silhouettes from the Spring Summer 2015 Ready-to-Wear collection, while the powder pink salon in shades of powder pink displays accompanying shoes and accessories. The luxury brand’s extensive array of watches, jewellery, fragrances, and cosmetics will also be displayed.

Surrounding the mansion is a pool and garden dotted with lacquered raw-wood tables and stools in burgundy, celadon, mint and mustard yellow, offering visitors a chance to stop and relax while browsing.

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by Louise Lui

The Chanel ephemeral boutique will remain open until October 2015

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