Christie’s will auction the world’s most renowned Chinese ceramics and archaic jades

CHRISTIE’S in Hong Kong have acquired and will present a selection of important Chinese ceramics and archaic jades from the most revered collections worldwide. There will be three dedicated sales of the works which document particularly notable cultural moments in Chinese history.

The Yangdetang Collection present a selection of rare archaic jade carvings, which have previously been exhibited at the National Palace Museum and the Change Foundation Museum of Art in Taipei in the 1990s. These carvings date from between the Neolithic period (10,000 – 2,000 BC) and the Han dynasty (206BC – 220AD).

Christie's Hong KongAn exceedingly rare nine-tiered jade cong. Late Liangzhu culture (2600-2300BC)
9 1/4inch (23.5cm) high. HK$3,000,000 – 5,000,000

Christie's Hong KongA very rare Cealdon jade ancestor mask. Post-Shijiahe culture (2100-1600BC)
3 3/4inch (9.5cm) wide HK$800,000 – 1,200,000

Various porcelain items from the Qing dynasty (1636-1912) are being auctioned on behalf of  The Dr James D Thornton Collection. The collector of the same name has been fascinated by treasures from the dynasty since he began collecting in the 1960s and is perceived as one of the last remaining dominant American collectors of Qing ceramics. He has exhibited his most prized porcelain works in the San Antonio Museum of Art in Texas, some of which will be part of the sale.

Christie's Hong KongA fine and superbly painted pair of doucai peony dishes. Yongzheng six-character marks in underglaze blue within double circles (1723-1735) 8 1/4 inch (21cm) diameter. HK$6,000,000 – 8,000,000

Christie's Hong Kong A fine and extremely rare pair of Famille Rose Poppy bowls. Yongzheng six-character marks in underglaze blue within double squares (1723-1735), 5 1/4inch (13.4cm0 diameter
HK$15,000,000 – 20,000,000

The J M HU Collection is well-respected for its dedication to collecting the most exceptional, pristine Imperial ceramics throughout Chinese history. The selection on sale is exclusively composed of Qing monochrome ceramic pieces since J M HU is particularly interested in celebrating the magnificence of the Qing dynasty era.

53879684A very rare ru-type glazed Gu-shpaed vase. Qianlong six-character seal mark in underglaze blue (1736-1795) 8.1/8inch (20.6cm) high HK$2,400,000–3,200,000

Christie's Hong KongA fine and rare peacock-feather glazed garlic-mouth vase. Yongzheng incised four-character seal mark (1723-1735) 10.7/16 in (26.5cm) high HK$6,500,000 – 7,500,000

by Allie Nawrat 

The sales will take place on November 29 at James Christie’s Room, Convention Hall, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, No.1 Expo Drive, Wanchai, Hong Kong

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