Cracknrolla …

Glass is delighted to present the latest fashion film by Mitja Bozic. The Slovenian-born director says that the inspiration for Cracknrolla …were the graphic shapes found in this protected area on the coast of Slovenia which are mostly distorted by environmental natural processes. These forms complemented the strong, man-made shapes of the garments and accessories worn by the model. “We were not looking for a contrast between the two elements but rather for a kind of fusion between them,” Bozic, who studied photography at the Arts Institute at Bournemouth, explains. “These shapes formed a natural contrast with graphic elements of the styling.”

The video was shot over two days and the production was full of “lots of fun and some dramatic moments, as well, when we were walking too close to the soft mud edges. Luckily our legs are slightly longer than camera tripods and dollies!” he adds.

Film credits:
Direction:   Mitja Bozic
Styling:   Maja Lazar
Make up:  Kristina Vidic
Hair:  Urska Lovsin
Model:  Tamara Hatlaczki @ Marilyn Agency Paris
Sound design: Lukas Stepancic
Assistants: Jernej Vavpetic and Jurij Volgemut
Lighting: Andrej Gorenc

Fashion by: Aldo, Alexander McQueen, Alla Polozenko, Benjamin Adams, Covher Lab, Flavia la Rocca,
Greta Boldini, Margaret 88 Design, Martin Alvarez, Natalie Design, Sergio Rossi, Voodoo jewels by Livia Lazzari

by Caroline Simpson