De Beers unveil new campaign celebrating commitment

EMBARKING on a new chapter in their already 133-year-long history, De Beers has unveiled a new global campaign focusing on their commitment to those around them. Looking into the statement I do, two words that when put together are eternally significant and emotional as they emphasise commitment.

In the same manner, De Beers are expanding this meaning to stand for the pledges they wish for – love, friendship, family, society and nature.

De Beers I do Campaign

De Beers I Do campaign

“For more than a century, De Beers has played a central role in helping people express their enduring commitment to their partner. Today we see a new generation of consumers who wish to communicate a wider commitment: a commitment to their own personal development, to their friendships, to their families, to society and to the natural world,” explains Bruce Cleaver, the CEO of the De Beers Group.

“With our new ‘one De Beers’ vision, which encapsulates the essence of our brand’s purpose and enables consumers to interact with it in new ways, we see an opportunity to shape the future of diamonds.”

De Beers I do Campaign _2

De Beers I Do campaign

The new campaign features a wide range of the brand’s jewellery spanning across its two Houses, De Beers Jewellers and De Beers Forevermark to illustrate the promises previously outlined.

Presenting images that are photographed mainly outside in areas such as forests, fields and the sea, De Beers are celebrating nature while the cast embraces diversity in couples and individuals – they want to represent the wider community.

Not only this, but the campaign also fuses together the two sections of De Beers which now co-exist under the same roof marking a shift into a more unified and purpose-driven future.

by Imogen Clark