Decorté launches the new multi-proof foundation in 40 shades

INTRODUCING Decorté, the Japanese skincare brand, unveiling the secret to radiant and ageless beauty. Combining ancient eastern medicine with cutting-edge scientific research, Decorté has captivated skincare enthusiasts around the world with its innovative formulations and luxurious products.

Decorté has launched their Zen Wear Ultra Longwear Multi-Proof Foundation (£45.00) – a long-lasting 24-hour liquid foundation in 40 shades that glides effortlessly onto the skin with a semi-matte, smooth and even finish, with medium to full coverage to create a lightweight feel on the skin.

With a promise of no smudging, or implications from perspiration, sebum, high temperatures and humidity, due to its formula, the Zen foundation helps to cover all key concerns including pores, redness, and uneven skin tone.

Decorté Zen Wear Ultra Longwear Multi-Proof Foundation

Decorté Zen Wear Ultra Longwear Multi-Proof Foundation

Drawing inspiration from the harmony between nature and science, Decorté harnesses the power of botanical extracts such as Jasmine Flower Extract, Damask Rose Extract, and Sumi Technology to create a transformative skincare experience.

Inspired by the ancient art of calligraphy and grinding ink, commonly practiced by Zen Buddhist Monks, the focus of Japanese calligraphy is simplicity, beauty and a connection between the mind and the body.

by Amber Backhouse


£45.00, 30 ML