Eco-conscious beauty from The Shiseido Group – introducing Ulè

ULÉ IS the vision of long-time beauty industry expert Lindsay Azpitarte. After more than 20 years in the industry, where she was responsible for all of the Shiseido Group’s prestige skincare brands in Europe, she was inspired to create a skincare brand that aligned with her values, and the values of the emerging beauty consumer. She shared their passion for products that took a more conscious approach to nature.

Ulé is the first beauty brand to integrate vertical farming through the proprietary Ulé Eco-Farm. Indoor and high-tech, the vertical farm, in partnership with TowerFarm, is an agricultural and technological breakthrough in terms of eco-responsibility, efficacy and safety.







The Biome Essentials

Maintain the integrity of the skin barrier, protect the skin from environmental damage and make the skin better prepared to receive the benefits from the rest of your skincare products. They are called essential for a reason.

Products: Rêve of Pure Anti-Pollution Gel Cleanser and Le beau Reset Balancing Floral Mist

Active Serums

Your skin is as unique as you are. These highly concentrated serums can be layered, combined, and cycled to target individual skin needs and lifestyles. Each serum is made with a unique blend of our Pure Botany™ Tincture, to improve skin resilience and restore essential skin function, providing twice the diversity of active molecules that deliver next-level skin benefits.

Products: Oh La Plump Quenching Serum, Tout est Clear Regulating Serum, Joie de Youth Vitalizing Serum, Envie de Calm Restoring Serum

Fortifying Creams

These fortifying creams are crafted with a unique combination of Ulé Pure Botany™ extract and targeted active ingredients that powerfully reinforce and strengthen the skin’s protective barrier, while improving your skin’s natural resilience. They hydrate and nourish skin, leaving it soft, smooth and better prepared to handle stress—for your healthiest-looking, most radiant skin yet.

Products: Je Suis Chill Fortifying CBD Moisturizer, Amour de Repair Nutri-Fortifying Moisturizer

Nutri Beauty

Beauty starts from within. Ulé’s nutri beauty products are formulated with a leading nutritionist to help promote glowing skin and better overall well-being. They are formulated with carefully selected vitamins, superfoods and essential minerals to fill nutritional deficiencies, improve gut health and strengthen immunity to support skin health and radiance—from the inside out. 

Products: Merci Immunity Protective Nutri-Cosmetics, Avoir It All In & Out Nurturing-Phyto Oil

by Adina Ilie 

Launching exclusively in Space NK from March 2023