Givenchy launches the TK-360 Sneaker

LUXURY fashion house Givenchy has launches a new avant-garde and innovative men’s fashion sneaker, envisioned by the brand’s Creative Director Matthew M. Williams as his “dream shoe”.

The sneaker was first presented at the Spring 2022 runway, but has now been giving the starring role for the Pre-Fall 2022 collection. The name TK-360 derives from the shoe’s total kit construction and its many exciting possibilities.

For its fully knitted design, the TK-360 sneaker uses a new technology and blends it with a disruptive and experimental shape. Though innovative in style, it still remains comfortable.

The statement-making sneaker is available in classic neutrals such as black, white, beige and grey as wells as bight and seasonal shades of acid yellow, navy and light pink. A subtle Givenchy lettering adorns the shoe, completing the design.

by Julie Heinisch

The Givenchy TK-360 will be available in-store and online in early May in selected markets before rolling out worldwide on 1 July.

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