Glass experiences the glamour of French couture at The St. Regis New York

IT’S SOMETHING that seems incredibly surreal – arriving at The St. Regis New York and being greeted by the wonderful staff before being whisked up to the Dior suite.

In a flash, my weariness from the seven-hour flight has elapsed and I’ve been converted from jet-lagged traveller to a Carrie Bradshaw type as I take my first step into the breathtakingly stunning suite, which will be my residence during my stay.

A marriage not just between European and American design, but between two of the most upscale names in fashion and luxury travel, the Dior suite is the epitome of travelling in style.

I’m welcomed into a wonderland of muted tones, accented in pinks and whites. moulded after the maison’s atelier in Avenue Montaigne.

Dior Suite

The suite emotes a bespoke visual language that reflects both the modern luxury of the hotel and the expert savoir-faire of the Parisian fashion house, with tulle, leather and lace adorning localised areas of the rooms.

It isn’t just a throwaway stay, but an experience entirely, which allows you to ponder the work and craftsmanship of the two brands.

The Lobby

I wonder round each room, from the foyer adorned in “whispering grey” and bow fixtures, to the bedroom with cannage elements, truly giving the hotel a distinct Dior stamp. The living room is another highlight and I found myself enamoured by the crystal chandelier that reflected sunlight around the residence as if my visit couldn’t get any more ethereal.

After breaking out of my hypnotic adoration with the suite’s aesthetic, my eyes fixate on the untempered views over Central Park and Park Avenue, and the reality I am standing amid a fashion capital fusion barely begins to hit.

If there is one thing for certain, other than the sheer beauty of The St. Regis and Dior suite, is that my stay there will be one I will never forget.

by Ben Sanderson

Starting rate for the Dior Suite at St Regis. New York is $12,000 per night