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WHEN the Stephen King’s film adaption of IT was released two years ago, IT quickly became one of most talked about films of 2017. Grossing over $100 million on its opening weekend, IT received the largest ever opening weekend at the box office for a horror film. But when movie watchers were not forced to brave the film’s creepy clown sightings and the eerie peerings of red balloons, what the audience took most delight in the terrifying movie, is the members of the notorious Losers’ Club.

Among the ensemble, kids cast’s unapologetic profanity and reckless adventures in the film, it was the actor Jack Dylan Grazer’s hilarious stand-out performance of the all too familiar character, Eddie who is just about scared of everything so much so he has an inhaler on hand, that shone throughout the film. Fast forward to two years later, Grazer is fully booked, going on to work in the critically acclaimed film, Beautiful Boy alongside Oscar-nominated actor Steve Carell, set to reappear in his role as Eddie in the sequel of It and will star as the character Freddy Freeman in the highly anticipated and soon to be released, DC film Shazam!.

Glass caught up with the breakout actor to talk about the success of IT, the beauty of acting and everything superhero.


Jack Dylan Grazer. Photograph: Jonny Marlow


What has life been like for you after the success of the box office hit IT, and can you share any inside information of what the sequel IT: chapter 2 will hold?
I can’t say too much, but I can assure you, it’s gonna be awesome and a hell of a ton scarier than the last! But “It” without a doubt, a life-changing experience. The countless unforgettable memories I share with the cast and crew on that film truly made it feel so much more than work. It felt like a summer camp! It felt like family! It felt like I belonged there! I still look back on those fantastic times and I am so astoundingly honoured that the film did as great as it did.


What was your most scary or intense moment during the set on IT?
Definitely shooting my one on one scene with Pennywise in the Neibolt House. The excessive and jaw-dropping amount of drool and vigour that spewed from Bill was for sure a lot to take in. But I 100% loved shooting that scene. I love the intense stuff!

The Losers club won MTV Best On-Screen Team award, how were you able to create such great chemistry among the cast, is there a difference working with an all kids cast?
To be honest it wasn’t very difficult. Thanks to Benjamin Perkins, our acting coach, we bonded naturally, quickly and happily. Every single one of us clicked with one another as soon as we all met. It’s definitely a tad different working with all kids cast, due to the fact that kids are kids and adults are adults and more professional. But it is still a blast no matter if it’s a kid or a grown up, I truly enjoy acting no matter what.


Jack Dylan Grazer. Photograph: Jonny Marlow

When was it that you realised you wanted to pursue acting, who were your inspirations?
As far as I can remember I’ve always had the aspiration to be a talented actor. As a young boy being on stage performing or making up characters in the mirror just gave me the absolute feeling of freedom and happiness. So that’s when I officially decided that this is what I wanted to continue to do for the rest of my life.

Can you talk about the Jack Dylan Grazer Scholarship at The Adderley School and the importance of giving back?
I want children who don’t have the money or the opportunities and who want to perform and let out their inner shining star to have that accessibility to their dreams. It is also a goal of mine to give to every child that wants to perform a chance to experience what I experienced at the magical Adderley School itself!


Jack Dylan Grazer. Photograph: Jonny Marlow


Jack Dylan Grazer. Photograph: Jonny Marlow


How was it working alongside the actor, Steve Carell in the Oscar-nominated film Beautiful Boy and was there been a moment on where you found yourself stargazed?
Steve Carrell is such a beautiful, kind and just an overall phenomenal person to know and have the pleasure to share a scene with. I have looked up to him for the majority of my life and in fact about 3 years before filming that movie I made a list of the top 15 actors that I wanted to work with and Steve was first on that list. The fact that I got to work with my favourite actor of all time so early in my career makes me the luckiest person on Earth.


Jack Dylan Grazer. Photograph: Jonny Marlow

Can you talk about what to expect from, Shazam! and about your character Freddy Freeman?
I expect a massive positive fan reaction. This movie is a new, fresh and unique take on the superhero film genre. It’s fun, action-packed and has a ton of levity. It’s an excellent film and I think the rest of the world will feel the same way. Freddy Freeman and I are pretty similar in that we both have a lot of confidence and charisma even if we have some insecurities. We persevere and persist through hardships. I don’t think I know as much about superheroes as he does though.

How did you land such a big role in the DC film Shazam!, what were your thoughts when you received the call that you got the role?
I was in complete awe even finding out that that I would have the opportunity to even audition for such a role. I was beyond ecstatic! I grew up with DC less than Marvel. Batman, Superman, Aquaman, Nightwing and the Green Lantern were all my favourite superhero growing up and to be a part of the DC extended universe was just mind-boggling and a dream come true.


Jack Dylan Grazer. Photograph: Jonny Marlow

Coming on board to Shazam!, which movies had you seen prior to working on the movie?
I have seen about every single Batman movie to ever exist and I’ve seen a good amount of Superman flicks. I also watched the Tom Hanks film, Big which I have compared to Shazam! previously.


How has the DC fanbase been to you since joining the DC family and following the success of Wonder Woman and Aquaman, do you feel there is pressure to deliver?
There’s always pressure when releasing a film based off of an adaptation of anything. Even with a movie like IT with such an incredible fandom and fan following. This film has a pretty similar cult following due to its participation in the DCEU and all. I definitely think it’s gonna be received quite well by the fans. But, Shazam! will be a magnificent success in addition to Aquaman and Wonderwoman releases.


Jack Dylan Grazer. Photograph: Jonny Marlow


You’ve done comedy, comic, and horror, what would be your next dream role?
I would very much like to do a dramatic period piece or a biographical film of someone and maybe try going method for a movie.


Awakening the inner superhero in you, what is your inner superhero power?
My inner superpower would, without a doubt, be my ability of creativity and my imagination that gives me the ability to tell stories.

Jack Dylan Grazer. Photograph: Jonny Marlow

by Melissa Kasule

Shazam! will be released in the UK and US on April 5, 2019


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