Glass learns about London’s Urban Greening movement with Loyle Carner

LAST week, Loyle Carner fronted the Nature Needs Heroes campaign in conjunction with Timberland, which saw him support London’s urban greening project in his hometown Croydon. 

The rapper from Croydon performed a headline slot in Thornton Heath Square alongside a string of upcoming musicians in order to raise awareness for the cause. As the Nature Needs Heroes brand ambassador, Carner announced the news of three exciting projects for this global campaign which all involve turning urban areas into more green positive spaces where locals can come together. 

Loyle Carner performing in Thornton Heath Square. Image by James North.

One of the announcements came from The National Park City Foundation and Timberland who unveiled the start of a three-month search for 50 London National Park City Rangers to volunteer and start new urban greening projects across London. 

They also hope to plant 50 million trees over the next five years and together in order to promote positive change for local communities and the environment. 

Not only did Thornton Heath Square become a venue for live performances in the evening, but in the day it was taken over by Timberland and London National Park City to transform it into a large urban green space as a taster of the wider project. In the day it offered locals free workshops about Urban Growth, live music from local artists, local food stalls, trade stalls and an area to learn more about planting greenery at home. 

One of the areas benefiting directly from this project is the BRIT School in Croydon, where Loyle Carner once attended. They will receive a new meditation garden as a result of the campaign and hopefully London will see many more of these areas popping up as a result. 

Loyle Carner, brand ambassador of Nature Needs Heroes.

Loyle Carner’s contribution as ambassador also sees him present a 2-part documentary partnered with MTV UK and Timberland which sheds light on the urban greening project and  airs on MTV UK later this year with plans of as potential follow up next spring. 

Giorgio D’Aprile, who is the Senior Director of Marketing at Timberland said “Loyle is a sincere and conscious artist with a humble yet active attitude for a better social and sustainable environment. We are excited to kick off the UK campaign at Thornton Heath and greening urban areas in London with National Park City Foundation and Loyle to help make London greener, wilder and healthier.”

Loyle Carner talking about his new project and campaign.

Loyle himself stated “As someone who grew up deep in south London, I know how little love particular spots have been given. At the same time, I know how much potential these areas have. I feel pretty lucky to be part of a movement trying to bring the community together through ‘urban greening’. I’d been thinking about a project like this for a while, so was over the moon when Timberland reached out. It was clear they shared a lot of my values and didn’t want to take from the community but solely give back to it. A lot of the reading I’ve done recently shows there’s a strong connection between greenery, creativity and mental wellbeing 

by Katrina Mirpuri

Images by James North /@jamesnorthphoto

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