Glass presents some of our favourite recent perfume launches



Cheer leaders

 PERFUME has a unique power to cheer and hearten. In this spirit, Glass celebrates some of our favourite latest launches with no particular olfactory theme but purely one of gladdening the heart and soul during these troubling times.

Art De Parfum, Le Joker


No, no – not Batman’s nemesis or even the playing card, this Joker is the latest fragrance from Art De Parfum and is a spirited l woody spicy number which includes Timur pepper– a highly unusual ingredient.

£114 (1,170 HKD) | Extrait de Parfum | 50ml

Byredo, Lil Fleur

We can never get enough Byredo and the fashionable brand’s latest launch is another one to love. Designed for younger wearers (but really any age can wear this) Lil Fleur is a glorious complex floral concoction which wears its colours lightly.

£170 Eau de Parfum | 100ml


Cartier Les Épures De Parfum, Pur Magnolia

From a trio of scents by the celebrated nose Mathilde Laurent, this collection aims to “bottle the delicate scent of life to offer the original pleasure of enjoying nature”. Pur Magnolia is a refined floral with citrus-y tones.

£250 (2,532 HKD) | Eau de Parfum | 75ml


Dior, J’adore Infinissime

Reinterpreting the house’s classic J’Adore, Dior’s master perfumer Francois Demachy has added tuberose grown in Grasse and extracted using the traditional enfleurage method to this latest flanker Infinissime to create a smooth, sunny and romantic scent.

Price: £84 (HKD855) 50ml Eau De Parfum


Hiram Green, Vivacious

The latest from the celebrated Dutch perfume house, the joyful Vivacious has carnations, violets and bergamots in abundance on a smooth amber base.

£130 (1,334 HKD) | Eau de Parfum | 50ml

 Juliette Has A Gun, Lipstick Fever

Believe it or not, there is a lipstick accord in fragrance – usually featuring iris, rose, and violet notes which mimic its waxy lush glory. Juliette Has A Gun’s gorgeous spiky version adds some woody notes to the mix here.

£99 (1,016 HKD) | EDP | 100ml

Strada Parfumerie, Via Veneto

Strada is a new scent line inspired by some of the most famous streets across the world – clever idea! We like Via Veneto – slightly naughty slightly knowing – with notes of patchouli, jasmine, iris, damask rose myrrh and ginger.

£95 HKD 962| EDP| 30ml

Vilhelm Parfumerie, Chicago High

Taking you back to the Roaring Twenties – of the 20th century – Chicago High scintillates with champagne and pineapple followed by a mellow smoky leather, patchouli and amber afterglow.

£120 1,232 HKD | EDP | 50ml


Contradictions In Ilk, Devious

From a newly launched UK brand, which has designed its perfumes to be paired, for the wearer to layer, these intriguing creations can also be worn alone. We like Devious “a delve into the forbidden thoughts that whir silently without sensor” they say … nuttily rich with smoothed by cherry notes.

£118, HKD1,194 EDP 50ml

By Caroline Simpson