Glass reviews Deuce and a Quarter by Vinca Petersen

IN 1999, photographer Vinca Petersen went on a road trip with fellow photographer Corinne Day, model Rosemary Ferguson and photographers’ agent Susie Babchick across Texas, Susie’s home state. Petersen documented their adventures and has created a book Deuce and a Quarter – named after the street lingo used for the 1970s Buick Electra 225 that they drove from Houston to Austin, through the Texas Hill Country and down to the Mexican border and beyond. The new book features 100 photographs that have not been publicly published before.


Deuce and a QuarterImage from Deuce and a Quarter. Photograph: Vinca Petersen

Vinca in Deuce and a Quarter Vinca Petersen. Photograph: Vinca Petersen

Rosemary in Deuce and a Quarter Rosemary Ferguson. Photograph: Vinca Petersen

The images are pure, stripping the four girls of their fame in fashion and fast-paced global careers. The book shares intimate moments, catching elements of their relationships and a raw insight into their experience discovering foreign places – seizing the moment free from the eyes of the public, moments hidden away from the internet.

Deuce and a Quarter Their car. Photograph: Vinca Petersen

Susie in Deuce and a QuarterSusie Babchick. Photograph: Vinca Petersen

Exploring territories that they had no clue about, and seeing the endless possibilities of fun as they drove from Houston to Austin, all documented through the lens of Vinca.

by Imogen Clark 

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