Glass reviews Nakin Natural Anti-Ageing Skincare

OF ALL the natural skincare ranges I’ve sampled at the coalface of health and beauty reviewing and it’s a hard gig – opening boxes, putting stuff on my face and waiting for something good to happen – Nakin is the easiest on the wallet. That’s a big sell for me right there, but only if it does what it says it does, and I am happy to report that these products do. More than that, they feel great on the skin, going on lightly, smoothly and without that sometimes leaden, claggy feeling you get when your face is heavy with product.

The Eye Cream Complex feels weightless, which is exactly how you want heavy eyes to feel. Containing Hibiscus, Pomegranate and Hyaluronic Acid, the cream is absorbed quickly and is great for reducing morning puffiness and lightening dark circles.Nakin_Natural_Anti-Ageing_Eye_Cream_Complex_15ml_Outofpack

Eye Cream Complex, £18 for 15ml

The Performance Face Serum, also containing Hibiscus, has an immediate tightening effect, which is not usually something I feel with a serum. On make-up free days, I would wear this on its own for that perky, firming feel.

Nakin_Natural_Anti-Ageing_Performance_Face_Serum_50ml_OutofpackPerformance Face Serum, £25 for 50ml

The Revitalising Face Oil is, now this is going to sound weird, but the least oily oil and I have no idea how they do that. This contains a fair few of the natural hot list ingredients, such as Baobab and Argan, and I like this best at night, to let it sink in. It’s beautifully scented with a kind of clean, spa-like smell. It’s great for diminishing signs of pillow crease face: if know what I’m talking about, you know it’s not a good look. If you don’t, lucky you!

Nakin_Natural_Anti-Ageing_Revitalising_Face_Oil_50ml_OutofpackRevitalising Face Oil, £22 for 50ml

The great thing is, you can get all three of these for a total of £65, which is more reasonable than some high street own brands. The effects are gentle and gradual, though the eye cream reduces the puff within hours, and the serum gives a temporary but zingy lifting sensation.

by Michele Kirsch